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Ads for tobacco and alcohol should be banned?

Ads for Tobacco and Alcohol should be banned ?

Ads for Tobacco and Alcohol Should be Banned  – Tobacco and Alcohol are two main and dangerous addictions people suffer from. The source of tobacco is a plant and major component of tobacco is Nicotine which is proved to be neurotoxin. Alcohol fermentation product and it is prepared by the fermentation of fruits etc. Ethanol is the component of alcohol which is highly toxic and can damage the DNA, and life depends upon DNA. Tobacco and Alcohol seems to be attractive because they have ability cause relaxation for a short time. People who use tobacco and alcohol are addicted to them and cannot live without these narcotics and drugs.

Ads for Tobacco and Alcohol Should be Banned

Types of Ads for Tobacco and Alcohol Should be Banned

Some days ago, I saw a television ad of a tobacco company in which they were advertising about cigarettes and then they displayed a message: “smoking is injurious to health”. My younger brother asked, “What is this? I said, it is a very bad thing, he replied “if it is bad then why TV channel is advertising about it?”, I was just “quite”. Really, why they advertise about alcohol and tobacco if these drugs are bad?. Everyone knows that these drugs are deadly for life, still they like to use these narcotics. People attract towards these drugs usually because of attractive advertisements. If a depressed person sees in a movie that people use to drink alcohol for their mind relief, then surely he can also try to drink for relaxation of his mind. This chain will continue and many people will effect from it. Ads for Tobacco and Alcohol Should be Banned .

Ads for Tobacco and Alcohol Should be Banned

Tobacco and alcohol advertisements are not only in the form of traditional ads but now they are also advertised in drama serials and movies. In drama serials and movies, people with power are shown, using alcohol and excessive tobacco. Public impresses from dramas and movies and try to adopt something from dramas and movies. It is not about all people but some people really take it serious and think about using tobacco and alcohol for their mind relaxation.

Conclusion on Ads for Tobacco and Alcohol Should be Banned

The conclusion is: all the advertisements and content related to tobacco and alcohol should be banned to prevent our youth. Our youth may lead towards crimes by using these drugs and may involve in unethical acts. So manufacturing companies should also follow some rules and regulations to prevent this world form the scourge of drugs.

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