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Beauty Of Truth : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Composition

Beauty Of Truth :  Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Composition

Beauty Of Truth : We all have been taught since childhood “ hamesha sach bolna chahiye”( we should always speak the truth) but if we just sit back and reflect for a moment our whole day activities majority of us will find that we hardly follow this statement nowadays. So the question arises, Is speaking truth  so difficult? Does it take a lot of courage and endeavours to speak the truth? The answer is No. Truth is all pervasive, it cannot be denied.

It is very easy to speak lies but if one knows the beauty of truth, I think one will always follow the path of the truth. The first and for most benefit of speaking truth is that it provides immense peace and satisfaction. When someone speaks lies the conscious of the person pokes him every time that he has spoken a  lie and this disturbs the inner peace of the person .Nothing counts more than the inner satisfaction and peace of the person. When someone speaks the truth he never faces this situation. He is always at ease and has a perpetual smile on his face which is the reflection of  his satisfaction and peace.

The path of lies is short and easy. It appears attractive and tempting. It lures the person by highlighting the immediate benefits but it is just an illusion which is short lived. It just provides success and happiness which is short lived. The path of honesty may appear difficult, where results can only be achieved through sincere and diligent hard work, but its results are permanent. The one who follows this path always emerges successful, happy and contended.

Beauty Of Truth : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Composition

Beauty Of Truth – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

The people who speak the truth, how worse the situation may be, becomes an ideal and role model for others. He leads by example. Such people who always follow the truth even in the most difficult of situations is admired and respected by all and set an example for others. They are the live examples of the fact that truth triumphs always.

When a person speaks a lie he can save momentarily himself, but when it is discovered he loses the confidence and respect of the person to whom he spoke the lies but a person who follows the path of the truth never faces this situation. He is always respected and honoured by everyone and holds a respectable position in the society.

Truth is all pervasive and continuous. It does not need to be proved. It   does not need evidence and figures to establish its identity. Truth exists independently. It does not need any support.  Speaking the truth can melt the hardest of the person and can amend the worst situation. It can turn the most unfavourable situation as favourable in just few moments so speaking truth creates an environment of optimism around the person which is needed to strive in the difficult of the situations.

Truthfulness is not limited to the outside world. A person needs to be honest to one self also. When a person is honest to himself/herself, it makes him content, free from any feeling of guilt. The person enjoys every moment of his life, whatever the situation may be. Victory always comes to such people.

The path of truth is difficult to follow, it takes a lot of patience and courage to follow it but those who follow this path are always gifted with contentment ,happiness  and self -satisfaction which  are the key elements to a happy life.

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