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Brief Report on Visit to Science Centre

Brief Report on Visit to Science Centre

Science city


Yesterday I have visited science city which is located at Ahmadabad in Gujarat. Which is very big and well established institute? There were science fair of schools and a huge dome for 3d movie. We reached there by bus and when we saw the entrance of the science city we were on cloud nine. We just felt like we have become junior scientists. There were so many wards like ancient middle and latest models.


When we reached there dr.barta come to receive us and welcomed us very warmly. Then we were given breakfast. It was so delicious then we entreated the huge dome which is in shape of earth which is planetarium where we saw stars and planets which was amazing experience.

Then we entered in aerospace and plane compartment where there were so many planes were placed and space shuttle too. And there were a ride name space ride which gave us a real space travelling experience.

Then we saw new invention and ongoing research   and dr. batra gave some light on some basic s of physics and space. Which boosted up our mind?

The-n we entered   where we were given 3d glasses and we were so exited to watch movie the name of movie is rajasouras. Which was about the dinosaurs which was very good experience.

Then we took refreshment and spent some time in garden where there was a pond having fishes we fed them and enjoyed a lot.

Then we left for home with such a great memory of science city this visit really changed my way to see my surrounding world.

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