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Biotechnology : Essay, Paragraph, Importance, Article, Speech


Biotechnology : Essay, Paragraph, Importance, Article, Speech

Biotechnology maybe defined as the application of scientific and technical advances in life science to develop commercial products. It can be said that biotechnology is applied biology. Biotechnology is a very promising field as far as application ranging from improving the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases. It covers the area of development of safer drugs and environment friendly herbicides and pesticides. The biological process of living organisms are manipulated and exploited to modify or improve their quality and products. Thus it is a revolutionary tool which can transform agriculture, animal husbandry, food science and also medical science.

Biotechnology : Essay, Paragraph, Importance, Article, Speech

Biotechnology highly involves manipulating genes of living things to incorporate desired qualities through direct insertion of a foreign gene into the existing genome, thereby transforming the living organisms to boost their production. The living organism to which the foreign gene is inserted is called transgenic.

On the basis of rising population and ever growing demand of resouces, it is expected to increase more in the coming years. So biotechnology can possibly remove those problems of scarcity if more strains of food crops are developed which might give more yield from the same piece of land. Animals biotechnology is also of growing importance. Transgenic animals can be developed to produce double milk per cow for the same amount of feed, better feed efficiency, more animal by product, greater disease resistance. Even the nutrition constituents can be modified.

Development of vaccine is also a part of biotechnology. Vaccinations were very important development as it prevents many diseases among animals.

Development of several calves from same embryo is also economical for the farmers. Also this technology can be applied to those animal species which are threatened. Animals can be transformed to carry genes from other species to produce various pharmaceuticals.

The field of biotechnology in waste management and pollution treatment is a very important step in present world. Modified microorganisms are developed which have higher ability to degrade waste. Food wastes can be degraded and used to produce biogas. Biotechnological tools can be applied to industries also. Biotechnologically developed cotton is warmer, stronger and more wrinkle and shrinkage resistant compared to ordinary cotton. So they can be sold at higher prices too. This way it can improve the economic conditions of the farmers who will give the raw materials.

Therefore, we can see that biotechnology can achieve landmark breakthroughs in almost every aspects of its application. It id a boon to human beings in its individual ways.

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