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Inhumanity in Recent Era Essay , Speech , Paragraph

Inhumanity in this Era Essay , Speech , Paragraph

Inhumanity in Recent Era | Essay on Inhumanity in this Era | Essay on Inhumanity | Article on Inhumanity

We built skyscrapers. We built bridges. We built air-planes. We forgot to build a next generation of civilized humans. This is Inhumanity in this Era.

Essay on Inhumanity in this Era

We lived in a world where people were ready to help each other with a open heart. No ego. No selfishness. No greediness. We were happy with what we had. We made the best of the little things we experienced. We pinned sweet memories to our heart that last forever. However, we passed across a time where things changed. The people’s attitude changed. They no more cared about heart and soul. It was all about money, power and luxury. Wars broke out in various places. Attacks on women and children became prominent. They dint spare the animals too. People were labelled based on their region, class or the job they had. They murdered each other. Crimes became a foundation of the society. Corruption became a pillar. Inhumanity in this era is the new face of the globe.

Speech on Inhumanity in this Era

Speech on Inhumanity in this Era

The internet defines humanity as, “The quality of being humane”. We live in an era where we are taught to be human, taught that we act like ferocious animals that tear limb from limb. We are now ruled by corruption, wars and labels. This ever growing virus, “Inhumanity” spread like fire. We now are so used it, we hardly recognize our actions hurt others. Our actions without our knowledge may hurt others. Words once told can never be taken aback. Maybe it is a brilliant idea you came up with, but I may result in the cost of thousands of life. And even if you go forward with that idea civilization has all rights to erase you from the phase of the earth. The genes also seem to showed mutation over the years. Aggressiveness and negative thinking seem to be the first preference.

Essay on Inhumanity in this Era

Article on Inhumanity

Consider a situation. We wake up to the broad daylight; some of our houses have maids. Their morning tea reaches our bedside table. Give them a smile and appreciate for what they are doing. Your father irons your clothes. Instead of moaning about that one crease that maybe there, thank him for his time. Hug your mother for the lunch. Board the school bus with a broad smile. Ask how the conductor is doing. Get up from your seat for the elders. Every small act is going to increase the optimism in you. Every act that you do influences the people around you. When they see that, it is not a sad world after all; their thinking changes too. Your action is going to trigger and set a chain reaction. Make sure you make the right move.

So next time your brain wants you to do something, ask your heart whether it’s humane.

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