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Book Review: Can Love Happen Twice? by Ravinder Singh

Book Review: Can Love Happen Twice? by Ravinder Singh

About the Author : Ravinder Singh

Can Love happen Twice? : Ravinder Singh was born in a Sikh family in Kolkata in 1982. He spent the initial 25 years of his life in Burla, Odisha. He worked with several of the India’s high-flying IT companies; Singh is now pursuing his MBA at the very reputed Indian School of Business.Singh in the past wrote I Too Had a Love Story, which released in the year 2008.

The author intermingles with his fans through his official Facebook page, and enjoys Punjabi songs when he’s not busy in writing his novels.

Can Love Happen Twice Book Review

A sequel to the ‘I Too Had a Love Story‘, ‘Can Love Happen Twice’[Fiction] is the tale of Ravinder Singh’s second love story on his official trip to Belgium where he finds an Indian girl and eventually falls in love with her. But the story takes a twirl when they meet months later in India.

It is a beautiful romantic tale of love and its numerous facets. Starting off from the very last page of Ravinder Singh’s first work of fiction, this book takes you on an expedition with its spotlight placed on the million dollar question; ‘Can love happen twice?’

While the first book was appreciated for its frankness and purity, the second one comes out to be intentional and way too dramatic, like there are times when Ravin is taken to be a larger than life character which seems unreal. His first book was undoubtedly a hit but the way he is pictured by his friends appears to be illusory.

Though the author is able to form some truly astonishing scenes, the plot is average. Language is very straightforward which has already worked for him. Nevertheless I loved some of his sentence formations but readers expected much more this time from him.

The tale starts with Ravin’s friends gathering at the Red FM’s office in Chandigarh, a popular radio station, where they were thought to narrate the next book of Ravin who was admitted to a psychological asylum where he was being taken care for depression that he was facing due to the heartbreak for his second break-up.

The USP of the novel is the over-sentimental romance in the foundation of it. There is a lover who goes crazy after losing his love but still he doesn’t negotiate on his duties and responsibilities towards his parents.

However the book is a literary failure; college students, lovers, teenagers and youngsters would be in love with it like anything as they would be able to connect them with the protagonist.

My Study Corner’s Rating

Book Name : Can Love Happen Twice?

Author : Ravinder Singh

Availability :    Flipkart   |   Amazon

Rating: 3.5/5

Go ahead and read it as it is a pleasing book!

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