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Branding: Meaning, Importance [Essay on Branding]

Branding Meaning (What is Branding?)

A brand is a particular term used in a business that includes a name, sign, symbol, design, etc. individually or as a com­bination of any of these, with the purpose of identifying goods and services of a particular business entity. Branding facilitates the differentiation of products. A brand is something that defines a product. Branding is a top-level marketing strategy that is developed so as to influence a brand. Branding helps the customers to remember the product of a particular manufacturer. In the market, the battle not only takes place among the peer companies but also among the brands. Therefore, every corporate entity looks to develop its brand image in the market. Branding helps developing customer loyalty to the brand and a brand is advertised by its business entity under its own name.

Branding: Meaning, Importance [Essay on Branding]

Importance of Branding

The importance of branding is listed below:

Development of trust and recognition:

A brand name is a symbol of quality for consumers on a general basis. A person recalls the track record of a brand or the company when he/she comes across a brand name. A brand has to be created in such a manner that a customer can recognize it. Branding also helps in developing trust in the company by the consumers.

Branding is creative:

Branding strategies are very creative, innovative, imaginative, and exciting. Branding is a high-level marketing strategy that aims to creation of a brand that further helps in the development of customer loyalty.

Branding helps in identifying products:

A person can understand what products a business concerns sell by having a glance at its brand name which can be a logo, symbol, etc.

Encouraging customers to purchase again:

Branding encourages customers to purchases the products on a repeated basis. Brands want the customers to make further purchases and recommend the products to their relatives and friends. Branding is carried out with the purpose of enhancing sales.

Brand determines social status:

A brand symbolizes quality. Many people person likes to wear branded clothes, branded mobiles, etc. as it shows to others that he/she likes to consume goods of fine quality.

High-value intangible asset:

A brand is an intangible asset whose value is generally on the high side. The value of a brand consists of a substantial share in the valuation of a large size business entity.

Conclusion – Essay on Branding

Consumers get to see brands on television, the internet, magazines, hoardings, newspapers, and many other media of advertising. A customer generally doesn’t tend to remember the name of the manufacturing company of a particular product. It is the name of a brand that a person remembers and feels some sort of relationship with the same by repeated purchases and consumption of the associated products. Brands entertain the people and help in the creation of trust and confidence in the consumers. It takes a few days to a few months or even as much as a few decades to create a brand image in the market by a business entity. Therefore, it is important for any business concern be it a start-up or an established one to have a strong focus on its branding strategies.

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