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Brief Report On An Accident I saw ……!!!

Brief Report On An Accident I saw……!!! : Life is not less than a drama has action, it has a thriller, it has comedy and it has tragedy. We don’t know about which path we are travelling and on which path we will be meeting some accident, some incident or some condition. This is how life flows and we have to swim through it.

An Accident I saw 

Yesterday I saw a heart thrilling accident. I was going to the market to buy some food and one car was coming from my opposite side. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly it got bummed with a tree. But thank god no harm had touched to the driver, the only car was badly damaged. Police are saying that the break got failed and the car met with a was terrible sound when it happened. I and other people around me ran fast. First, we took out a person from the car and treated him with water. Then suddenly the person was taken to the hospital as he was threatened. One of us called the police and took the car to the garage.

It was afternoon time when I saw that incident. After watching car nobody would have thought that the person inside a car is still alive, that much terrible the car was looking. But it is said that no one can harm you until u have a god with you. God saved him. I called his family members to come to the hospital and complete the process.

I was threatened too, but after helping that man I realized that if life is uncertain then its ok because life gives a certain people who are always around you to help you. As a human, it is my first duty to help someone who needs us and exactly what I did.

When I went to my bad at night, the scene of that accident was flashing as slide show in my dreams, I couldn’t sleep that night. i was still thinking of that men and his family. From I that incident I came to know one fact that life is given once to you so take care of yourself and your Life.

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