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Capital Punishment Debate, Essay, Article, Group Discussion, Benefits

Capital Punishment Debate, Essay, Article, Group Discussion, Benefits

What is Capital Punishment?

Capital punishment, also acknowledged as the death penalty, is a government approved practice whereby a person is put to death by the state as a sentence for a crime. The sentence that somebody be punished in such a way is known as a death sentence, whereas the operation of carrying out the sentence is called as an execution. Crimes that can end up to a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences.

Capital Punishment Debate, Essay, Article, Group Discussion, Benefits

Capital Punishment Debate, Essay, Article, Group Discussion

If there are people who are in support of the capital punishment, there are also those who desire it to be abolished.

Drawbacks of Capital Punishment

According to the opposition team, capital punishment is just an act of cruelty.  There is nothing more brutal than tolerating the murder of another human being.  It is certainly very paradoxical that the state will permit the death sentence of a human being as a resolution to crime and violent behavior.

Violence will never be the correct answer to the increasing criminality.  It bears pressure that when the public tolerates execution as a result to criminality, in effect; we are sending off an impression on the minds of the youth that the correct approach towards violence is to enforce violence. Violence begets violence.  It is depressing that when this takes place we are legitimizing brutality in our society.  Therefore, the Abolitionists disagree with the capital punishment idea. And want it to be abolished because it disgraces the importance of human life.

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Benefits of Capital Punishment

Capital punishments is also supposed to be advantageous for the society as it discourages the criminal from committing any further crimes and it deters other criminals from committing a similar crime.  A number of crimes that come under capital punishment consist of murder and rape, depending on the state or country legalizing the practice. For pro-death sentence, there are criminals who are repeated lawbreakers and not afraid to rape and murder yet again, knowing they will merely be put behind bars. These kinds of people and those who cannot be altered should be given the capital punishment to project the majority.

The reason why people are supporting death penalty is because of its efficiency as a crime deterrent. According to the supporters of death sentencing, potential criminals will be terrified to undergo such insensitive punishment and as a result, they will be cautious to commit crimes like rape and murder. In fact, for them, it is the utmost deterrent of criminal actions. If a lawbreaker commits a crime that is liable to be punished by death and gets executed, this will be acknowledged by the public, together with those who are potential criminals. For terror of suffering the equal troubles, they will be discouraged to commit such crimes.

Conclusion : Debate on Capital Punishment

The opinions put forward by people who support and who are in opposition to the death penalty regularly reflect their deeper ideologies and beliefs. These philosophies and ethics are intensely rooted in life experiences and the way people are brought up and are not likely to be swayed by intellectual arguments. It is fascinating that in this country most people are in support of the death penalty however parliament continues to oppose it. In this case it could be disputed that parliament is leading the approach in keeping human rights and continues to put out the clear point that killing is always immoral.

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