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Corporal Punishment Speech, Essay, Article, Effects, Debate

Corporal Punishment Speech, Essay, Article, Effects, Debate, Abolished

What is Corporal Punishment?

Corporal punishment refers to a physical torture. This could be in the appearance of beating, canning, spanking or even thrashing. Corporal punishment is a familiar element in schools. Some happenings of such punishment have been reported in the newspapers. Such kind of punishment can physically harm a student for his entire life.

Effect of Corporal Punishment

It might also influence him psychologically or bother his mental stability. This sort of punishment should be stopped right away. The technique to discipline a child through corporal punishment was initially practised during the medieval period and is a result of conservative ideology. Teachers should deal with their students patiently, counseling and directing them in each sphere of life.

Corporal Punishment Speech, Essay, Article, Effects, Debate

Corporal Punishment Speech, Essay, Debate, Group Discussion , Article, Effects

Moreover, such kind of punishment may sometimes physically spoil a student for his whole life. Psychologists have estimated that such a punishment can influence a student mentally, for a very long interval of time.

Outlaw of Corporal Punishment

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has recommended a code of policy on the behavior of teachers in schools. A notable characteristic of the code is an overall ban on corporal punishment. By far, only six Indian states have prohibited the cane in schools. Corporal Punishment is just an additional variety of physical brutality and has no position in a progressive society.

Discipline and obedience is a necessity for students in schools and colleges. However, enforcing it by the means of Corporal punishment is extremely intolerable and relatively, inhuman. Moreover, this is not the correct practice or method to discipline a student.

Supreme Court affirms that ‘Children are not subjected to corporal punishment in schools or any other educational institutions and that they should obtain education in an atmosphere of independence, respect and liberated from fear’. National Policy on Education guides the school authority to take required actions in the issue, so that the pernicious practice of disturbing the physical and intellectual wellbeing of children can be nipped in the bud.


There are a number of people who would say scolding of school children and oral intimidation should not be forbidden. This argument is unsound. Verbal abuse could be as destructive and embarrassing for children, specially the younger ones, as material punishment. Parents frequently complain to schools establishments against abusing their children in the school. But they are too often scared by the school authorities to lift up their voice. In such a condition, there is no substitute but for the state government to get in the way.

Conclusion on Corporal Punishment

To wrap up, it must constantly be borne in our mind that teaching is one of the noblest jobs where one imparts knowledge and awareness to others. The teacher must judge his students as his own children, and treat them as tenderly and delicately as possible. He should congratulate a student’s achievements, and facilitate him to conquer his shortcomings by encouraging him to follow his interests. A teacher should be there to conduct a student to become responsible, learned and a well groomed inhabitant of a country. While managing students, it must always be kept in mind that they are like flowers; delicate and tender. They have to be looked after with immense care to help them bloom and spread their subtle fragrance.

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