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Jammu Kashmir

“A piece of beauty will always remain the way it is. Unchanged, Unaltered And Mesmerizing.”
Jammu And Kashmir
There are few places at which you can look at with admiration not once but all the time when you look at it. They’re just as alluring as a piece of fine art. One such place does exist in the map of both India and Pakistan, you guessed it right; Jammu and Kashmir. It is a place of immense beauty and it is made for road trips, travel fascination, tourist attraction and to admire it’s beauty. The people there are gem like, it’s nice to know their culture and traditions. There definitely political issues which are known around the world. The rivalries for grabbing a certain part of land is still an unsolved issue.
Geographical Location
Kashmir’s geographical location largely includes it’s moderate climate. The main Kashmir valley is 100 km wide and 15,520 km² in area. The Kashmir region has total area of 206,552 square miles. It is northernmost geographical region of South Asia. The Himalayas divide the Kashmir valley from Ladakh. It can generally be described as cool in the spring and autumn, mild in summer and cold in winter.
Culture And Tradition
Kashmir is very well known for it’s customs and traditions. They have their unique style of dressing, dances, literature, arts and crafts etc. Their dressing includes a particular styled loose gown following till their ankles. Men are usually found with a turban or headgear. The interesting part is that the Kashmiri women include both Muslims and Pandits altogether. Women have slowly changed their attires over the time and switched from long gowns to salwar and sarees. Their dance for sure impresses to a lot of people around. They have their specialities in dance as well. It is one spiritual type named ‘Kud’ by a group of people. The very own writer personalities have been found in Kashmir which include famous personalities like Bashrat Peer, Lalleshwari and many more. Kashmir has a great arts and crafts culture. They have this hand knitted shawls and carpets. Their occupation also includes agriculture. Large amount of population is dependent on that. Apple and Tobacco are cultivated on a large scale with other fruits, vegetables and cash crops. Kashmiris staple food is rice.
Tourist Attraction
Jammu-Kashmir is beyond beautiful. Thousands of people visit Kashmir every year just to visualize the flawless beauty of the place. The snow clad hills and valleys gets the tourist attracted. They have mesmerizing beauty drawing people towards it. People try their dressing and get pictures clicked in the Kashmiri attires. Jammu-Kashmir are the places meant for sightseeing. The warmth and hospitality of the Kashmiri people also is endearing to the tourists.
Political and various issues
It is not a lesser known fact that there have been constant debate, discussions, bombarding and rivalries over grabbing a part of land between India and Pakistan. Kashmir border is a terrifying place to imagine at first. The fights have resulted into ruining Indo-Pak relations. This has affected the citizens of both the nations and also the residents of Kashmir.
Jammu Kashmir is till date facing problems and creating issues every now and then between two nations. There has been war-like situations time and again. Due to attacks and bombarding many innocent lives have been killed. There is a slot of population who shall never visit this astounding beauty ever just because of the fear of bomb and bullet firing. But anyways though it is facing controversies and issues it still carries a charm which is not limited just for tourist attraction. It has an atmosphere that grabs the attention of everyone around.

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