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Child Is The Father Of Man : Essay , Article , Speech

Child Is The Father Of Man : Essay , Article , Speech

Importance of Children

What do we know when we are born?” Of course, on the surface, this is an easy and simple question. We have instincts.We know to suck for one thing. This is how we get food.But this is not really the question. Every tree we see has roots that we cannot see;every tree we see came from a seed of one kind or other that can no longer be seen .The rain which cascades in rivers along the curbs did not manifest anew but was once the river in the street and will be again.The sun which greets each new day is not doing so a new but returning from its cycle of sunrise and sunset. . This cycle of life, death and rebirth is absolutely true for man also.

Child Is The Father Of Man : Essay , Article , Speech

Shakespeare has correctly said”In the child, the father’s image lies”.But perhaps, nobody was more correct than Wordsworth when he wrote”Child is the father of man“.The future of our country India, or of a society, or of a family depends on child. Children and their needs has to be the main concern of our political thinkers, economists, social workers and voluntary organisations.

Children basically enjoy the same rights as adults . However, because they are minors, they special care and  protection if the future of the nation is to be made secure.Child development and welfare is in  the  interest of social development. Conduct and character of an adult person reflects what he has imbibed in his childhood and family. Today, child development is fettered by child labour, poor health, poverty, lack of formal education, discrimination and their unsolved social problems. Protecting a child’s right is the best investment we can make for the development of a nation.

Child labour probably is the biggest sin committed towards the childhood. Child labour is increasing despite numerous judgements of Supreme Court directing machinery to curb the prevailing evil with firmness. It is very fortune that many children are put to work at tender ages.

By the 42nd amendment Act, article 39 of Indian constitution says”Children are given opportunities and faculties to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity and that childhood and youth are protected against exploitation as also against moral and material abandonment.”On the contrary, the poor parents still remain silent due to their poverty, ignorance and illiteracy. They are employed in match and fireworks, carpet weaving, beedi rolling, diamond industry and even in bus terminals and tea stalls.Promotion and enhancement of education, strengthening of national and international legislation and improved enforcement, empowerment of the poor , social mobilisation and community sensitisation are the best resources that can be adopted to improve the apathetic condition of underprivileged children. Also It requires a lot of awareness and compassion.

Child is a source of enormous potential. Parents should let them, what the want to be.They  should not campare them with their counterparts.

They should not pour water on their child’s fire of progress by showing Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jackson, Latha Mangeshkar, Britney Spear etc..They might make their names much louder than these names. Parent should always stand with their children in such situations and give emotional support to cross such hurdlers.

A  child  must be trained to deal with occasional social difficulties. As an a matter of fact,success is IQ+EQ , where IQ is the asset of children and EQ is the strength imbued by parents.

As a child grows, role of parents changes.When a child is younger, he needs parents to be mainly his care giver and protector. In his school age years, he needs them to be mostly his encouragers. When a child encounters wider range of experiences and people, he needs a parent who is interested and involved during good and bad times.

For proper growth of personality of child, his social problems should be solved by the parents immediately by

  • careful listening to the child
  • Helping the child to identify the problem
  • Helping the child to overcome troubles and tribulations.
  • Helping the child to choose a solution
  • keeping things in perspective
  • Teaching the child how to handle different social problems

As a conclusion, it can be simply said that physically fit, socially viable and morally strong child will ensure the bright and healthy future of the nation. Therefore every sensible citizen should take this pledge,”Let a hundred flowers bloom.Let the child of today grow up as an ideal citizen of tomorrow and make the country proud of its achievements in near future.“It will make the old saying of Wordsworth that ‘Child is the father of the man’more relevant and true..

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