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Corruption and How to Stop Corruption ? Article , Essay

Corruption and How to Stop Corruption ? Article , Essay

What Is Corruption ?

Corruption is a social malice that can be seen anywhere and is like an ailing tumour in public life. It is so common that people are in a state of living with it. The existence of corruption can be traced back to the ancient and medieval times. The advent of British rule in India gave new wings to this social evil, especially with the establishment of British East India Company.

Corruption problem

Corruption problem in India

Expositions of Corruption

Exploitation, scams, bribes, unethical malpractices are all expositions of corruption. Corruption’s one of the adverse effect is the generation or flow of black money in the economy. The crux is that nobody is free from corruption, not even the poor man, he wants it or not he is compelled to be a part of the system, he is forced to give bribes at every step, or else he would be stuck in cues for the rest of all his life. Misuse of power and authority, exploitation of public property for personal gains lead to corruption. Like charity, corruption too begins at home. Parents bait their children to get things done, corruption is not only limited to politics, but in every field. IPL’s spot fixing and betting is a recent example of corruption in cricket.

Corruption is directly proportional to greed, greed for power, money, etc. Greed corrupts our values and ethics. Tolerance of people towards corruption, lack of powerful outcry against it further paves way for corruption. During elections, big business tycoons fund and sponsor the politicians to meet campaigning expenditures so that their personal favours are met.

Adverse Effect of Corruption

Due to corruption, deserving candidates don’t get jobs, old retired people face harassments for pensions, undeserving students get highest of educational degrees, and many more. Recently, we can see the Bihar student, whose father by bribing managed to top his daughter, who while investigations could not even name her subjects. Many doctors have been caught in the past who have faked their degrees.

How to Prevent Corruption ?

It is useless to write about a number of steps Govt should take up to fight corruption, as Govt itself is filled with corruption so deep that it has reached its roots. Corruption cannot be dealt with unless and until there is a moral awakening among people. People have to understand the serious consequences of this evil and feel how common people and poor people fall prey to it. Big industrialists should stop being greedy and stop misusing their wealth and authority and act on fair and rational basis. Only improving country’s economic condition is not enough to combat corruption as rich people are more corrupt than the mediocre. Common people who try to fight corruption either face transfers or lose their precious lives. There is an urgent need to inculcate in every individual, the sense of responsibility to stop engaging in any unfair and corrupt practices.

Government officials should give the power to the public to report immediate corruptions they face in their daily lives and act on it within days. Ending corruption would lead to equal distribution of wealth and resources among all and lead to a healthy society to live in.

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