Describe a Tall building / High Rise in Your City IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Tall building / High Rise in Your City IELTS Cue Card

Where it is ?

The Recent trend resulted many tall buildings at any place. My city Unjha is the one of the important business centre of Asia. Which had ranked 1st among the Asia in cumin seeds business. As a business center it is obvious that the city have multi tall buildings. Today I would like to talk about the tall building which I like most. The name of the building is ‘ AMPC Building ‘ which is situated in the heart of the city.

Describe a Tall building in Your Hometown

Describe a Tall building in Your Hometown

What it looks like ?

The building is 10 story building which consist an auditorium ‘ Pandit DinDayal Upadhyay Auditorium ‘ which was built by merging 1st 3 floors. In Which I had attended many seminars about career . The building was constructed in 2004 by using latest technology and facilities, such as Lifts .

What it is used for ?

The building is used as a business centre and for the regulation of the market. There are many shops in the building for the merchants from where they are managing their business. Also In the APMC arcade there is one Soil Testing laboratory at where farmers can get help about their soil .

In the terrace of the there is one terrace garden which is used by employees and businessmen to get relax from their work . This building was constructed after studying all type of climate and natural calamities so it is resistance proof from natural disasters. In the front there is the logo of APMC displayed . The interior design of the building is looking very beautiful.

Why you like or dislike it ?

I like to visit this building often because I like to watch the whole scenario of my city from this building which is awesome. In addition to , My uncle’s shop is in that building so I often use that building.

IELTS Cue Card : Describe a Tall building in Your Hometown

You should say :

–  Where it is
–  What it is used for
–  What it looks like
–  And explain why you like or dislike it

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