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Essay on Biodiversity Conservation | Speech on Importance of Biodiversity Conservation

Essay on Biodiversity Conservation
Speech on Importance of Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation : Biodiversity refers to the various species of flora and fauna along with the ecosystems all combined together. It means variation in life forms on earth. Biodiversity Conservation is an important environmental issue since without a proper balance between all life forms and ecosystem there will arise a lot of problem along with loss of life forms.

Biodiversity conservation is essential for existence and intrinsically valuable in it’s own right. Biodiversity provides us fundamental building blocks for many goods and services which a healthy environment provides. Other than the basic needs it also provides us with recreational, cultural and spiritual nourishment.

Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity is particularly necessary to conserve and protect all life forms from facing a threat of extinction. Everything in the nature has a role to play . Therefore loss of any is a big loss and also it might create an imbalance in one or more ecosystems or rather say , to the environment as a whole.

Biodiversity is facing many threats due to several factors such as loss, fragmentation and degradation of habitats, climatic factors, unsustainable practices of human beings , etc.

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Biodiversity conservation must be planned considering a few factors such as to examine which species of flora or fauna is important to the nature, important to us, which are less important, etc. The biodiversity is an asset of nature and we humans need to protect it.

Essay on Biodiversity Conservation

Sadly many species are extinct due to human being’s selfishness. And many are endangered. Though some species are threatened due to direct human activities such as poaching or overusing forest resources without sustainability, some are affected indirectly. Due to diclofenac injection given to cattle, many vulture species are affected. Similarly there are very less number of the actual house sparrow at present. Plantation of trees have to be taken very seriously as they are the lungs of earth. Similarly aquatic and marine ecosystem have to be also kept in mind. Everything should be aimed at carrying out sustainably. Non renewable resources are to be protected. Government should provide conservation incentives to private land holders as it encourages or motivates people to participate in conservation activities.

All the flora and fauna are connected by a food chain and are dependant on each other. So disturb in any ecosystems will disturb everything else.

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