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Don’t Burn Yourself Out: 6 Productivity Tips for Students

If you are a student, you’ll need these productivity tips. As a student, you must know what’s it like to be constantly busy. All kinds of assignments, lab classes, thesis writing, you name it. No wonder lots of students find it hard not to out off some things till later. Studying is important, but we all need to have a life, right?

Unfortunately, delays get us into trouble way too often. Did you ever find yourself working late into the night instead of having a good night’s rest doing another paper writing assignment you have to deliver the next day? If your answer is yes, these six tips are for you.

6 Productivity Tips for Students

Tip 1: Never leave small things till later

Sometimes, when you are really focused on completing bigger tasks, you tend to put off the smaller ones, like essay writing or preparing for a lab class, till later. As it often happens, it’s not until the last minutes that you realize you have just too many of those small tasks to handle.

This is exactly why it’s important to complete tasks not based on how big or small they are, but taking into account the deadlines set for them.

Tip 2: Don’t try to do everything at once

More often than not, we really want to complete each and every task we have as soon as possible in order to have some free time for fun and friends and parties later. When you try to do everything at once, it’s hard to notice how many mistakes you make on the way. As a result, all your work goes down the drain. Isn’t it better to complete your tasks one by one, step by step, making sure you won’t have to re-do it afterwards?

Tip 3: Plan your day

When you are limited in time, you learn how to focus on what’s really important and not to get distracted by irrelevant things. Strict timeframes you set for yourself will help you to become a more organized person (and that quality is very important for a student). This being said, remember that it’s also important to be realistic about the timeframes you set for yourself; otherwise it would be hard for you to avoid stress and nervousness. Start with the most complex and most urgent tasks.

Tip 4: Forget about finding excuses and put your own responsibilities on someone’s shoulders.

Yes, it’s very easy to say something like “I couldn’t/didn’t have time/forgot to do this and that because…” when your work isn’t done properly. That’s not an adult way of solving a problem. If you feel like delegating your tasks to someone else more and more often, it’s time to change something about yourself, because this kind of problem solving can do you a serious disservice later on.

Tip 5: Remember to get some rest from time to time

Your life is not just studying, studying and more studying. Everyone needs more energy for work (effective work, mind you), so don’t deny yourself rest and relaxation when you know you really need some. Have you been doing some serious thesis paper writing lately? Take a time out and relax.

Tip 6: Learn to ride the wave

This last tip will probably be more useful to freelancers, but it’s nevertheless just as useful for students as well. You have to learn to understand when you are the most productive and use this knowledge to your benefit. Of course, it greatly depends on whether you are an owl or a lark and a number of other aspects. Someone likes to work in complete silence while others to turn the music on, some people need new experiences and adventures, and for some it’s enough to have a walk.

If you still struggle to keep up with the amount of work, you can get some help. For example, there are professional writing services that will provide you with a custom essay whenever you need one. That doesn’t mean this should become your number one problem solver (remember Tip 4!). Do some careful day planning, do your work and don’t forget to relax — and you’ll be just fine.

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