Blood Donation : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Advantages

Blood Donation : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Advantages

When a person is voluntarily getting his blood drawn out for medical purposes, it is called blood donation. Donation can be of two types:

  • First is the one in which a specific amount of blood is drawn out from the donor’s body as a whole.
  • Second is when specific components of blood is taken out for transfusion for a needy patient. This kind of donation is called apheresis.

Blood banks are those institutions where a healthy and fit donor donates his blood for any needy person who will contact the blood bank. The recipient is not necessarily known to the donor.

At many times a family member too donates blood for the patient if found fit. Blood donors might be unpaid volunteers or in some places they are paid too for donating blood.

Blood Donation : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Advantages

At some places, people get their blood drawn out and stored for their own future use. This is called autologous donation of blood.

Potential donors are very carefully examined for their eligibility to donate blood. Screening tests are done to detect diseases such as HIV viral hepatitis, which can spread through transfusion.

Also, a person cannot donate blood according to their own wish. The amount of blood which the person can donate is specifically chosen according to their health. Also, permissions are different for different places as far as the frequency of blood donation by a person is concerned. Before a donor is decided, they are questioned and examined for checking their medical history.

Collection of blood can be done manually or by automated equipment’s. Generally any healthy adult above 18 years can donate blood.

Blood donation is a service to mankind. The donor do not suffer from any weakness or anemic deficiency post donation. Our blood cells keep on producing blood and the drawn amount is compensated within a very short time. There are many blood disorders which need blood transfusions from time to time and the patient is dependent on those transfusions for living. So since blood donation do not affect the donor negatively, every person should adopt this habit. We can save a life from this noble deed.

However carefulness has to be observed while donating blood. First of all the hygiene has to be very strictly demanded to the blood donation camps regarding the needles they use. Otherwise infections are assured to happen as well as some other harmful effects.

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