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Essay on Diabetes | Symptoms of Diabetes

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Diabetes Mellifluous is a serious metabolic disorder of the pancreas in which the body cannot properly use the glucose in the blood, as the blood sugar levels are too high. Glucose is obtained from the liver, and from digesting foods such as potatoes, bread, sugar, rice and other sweet foods. Diabetes can cause devastating long term complications affecting nearly every organ system.It is susceptibility increases with obesity, high blood pressure, high blood lipid levels, having a first degree relative who is diabetic, or belong to a high risk group, advancing age, stress, hypertension and poor dietary habits.

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Diabetic complications fall into two major categories: Macro vascular (heart, cardiovascular system and major blood vessels, where impairment may cause stroke or heart attack) and micro vascular (small parts of bodies).

It effects kidneys, eyes, feet, teeth and gums, blood vessels, nerves, etc. In all the complications, adverse effects are seen and a person detected with diabetes have to take a very good care of themselves.

There is a wide variety of test meters and tools available to measure blood pressure and glucose level; our medical professional can advise the right option.

There are many types of diabetes. One is insulin dependent which occurs due to the pancreas being unable to produce insulin. It effects people of age group less than 40. The normal treatment is regular injections and appropriate diets.

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In another type, the type of effects person above 40 years of age. It is often linked with overweight. This form of problem is usually treatable with lifestyle changes such as weight loss, healthier diet and an increase in physical activity. It require maintenance of normal blood glucose levels with the help of tablets and sometimes insulin. The sooner the condition of diabetes is detected, the better it is to handle it. So we must be careful about our diet and recommended exercise levels. We should try to minimize stress and depression, which affect blood sugar control and metabolic health.

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