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Essay on Diwali | Speech on Diwali

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Young or old, Dipavali is the most awaited festival of India. The moment we say Diwali we are reminded of all the boom-bam heard, the bright decorations, sweets, etc. It has got to many stuff for anybody to dislike it.

It is celebrated all over the country. In some places it is the main festival. By celebrating this festival, they demonstrate communal harmony amidst the diversities.

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There are several tales regarding the origin of Diwali. And different people believe in different myths about it. According to Ramayana it says that people of Ayodhya welcomed Ramachandran with all celebrations and lighted earthen lamps all around. King Dashratha sent his son to exile for 14years in order to keep the word of his second wife Kaikeyi.

On the day of Diwali there is a tradition of lighting 14 earthen lamps and 14 leafy vegetables. For a day all surrounding seem like a fairyland. It is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. The sounds of crackers reverberates the atmosphere. From a few days before Diwali starts, the roadside stalls are filled with crackers, bombs, rockets, etc.

Though festivity grips everyone. But there are problematic sides too. First of all it’s very natural for children to get excited about crackers seeing those colorful temptations or to play equally with a friend in neighborhood who buys a lot of it. But problem with these are that they are costly. Of course a poor father cannot fetch a lot of it for the satisfaction of the child. And moreover it is like burning the money in seconds. Some people can relate very closely to the fact that when a rich neighbor buys a lot of it and our stock is finished sooner, we used to feel sad when we were young. Some people do not even haggle over the price.

In our country we cannot or rather say we should not sound so much in a wasteful luxury. Diwali can be celebrated without these noisy crackers too. After all many heart patients or any other people with weakness cannot tolerate them. It is during these festivals that the wall of division between rich and poor become evident. Some people remark Diwali as a festival of joy and it cannot be observed without spending money. Hence one must not grumble at the cost of these crackers. At least for the children the parents have to spend money on buying these crackers

Anyways, point is that Diwali should be celebrated in such a way that it builds peace in our heart and soul. The parents must convince and teach their children about the amount if pollution they cause and also to focus more on noiseless crackers. People worship to Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi too. May Diwali brings happiness to all.

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