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Essay on Honesty | Honesty Is The Best Policy Speech , Paragraph

Essay on Honesty | Honesty is the best Policy | Paragraph on Honesty | Speech on Honesty

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A moral thought, an inspirational ideal, a yardstick of righteousness, Honesty is the best policy is an expression which is probably the first a student memorizes in class and ranks number one in the frequency of its usage, not just in lieu of its negligible length but also the deeper and more profound truth it stands for.

Honesty is the best Policy Essay| Essay on Honesty

It is often argued that the one who plods on the road of truth can be never defeated, nor defamed in the long run. True indeed, being honest and upfront is the greatest of assets an individual can possess, and which empowers people to stand against all odds. We have Gita, the holy book of Hindus, in judicial courts on which the attendees lay their hand to swear upon truth, which is the way the guilty is punished and the innocent saved. Telling a lie or veiling the truth can seem beneficial in the immediate course but in the end, when it is all over, truth is always the one which triumphs. Personalities in the past, whether the eldest of Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata, Yudhishthir, the effigy of rectitude, Raja Harishchandra or the more recent Father of the Nation, M. K. Gandhi, have all set examples that life with truth as its integral part is the one that ultimately leads to salvation, contentment and glory. Every eminent and respectable prodigy that India has produced were in some or the other way, the defenders of truth and acquirers of the policy.

Having a policy to follow, to believe and to instill as a way of life is extremely important for any particular human being, and having that policy in the form of honesty showers the apex of all benefits and pleasures. Honesty thus, is by far, the most comprehensive and splendid policy to lead a life sans fake ness and with goodwill.

Essay on Honesty | Honesty is the best Policy | Paragraph on Honesty | Speech on Honesty

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