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Essay On My Favorite Book : What young INDIA wants !

Essay On My Favorite Book : What young INDIA wants

As We shared Essay On Books are our best friend. They are energy drink for thought.

Today We are going to share Essay On My Favorite Book .

All the books I have read , I like “What young INDIA wants“. A book written by “CHETAN BHAGAT”, it is good book. Book is on various issues facing India in past several year. In that not only the India of now , but also the India in future. And that book is a overview of what India is today, and what India can be. In that book given a idea of what change to happen in the country ,society has to change in terms of behavior , attitudes and values. Author focus corruption, education, secularism. I like a some lines of that book, that is…

Description of What young INDIA wants ? My Favorite Book

Our society respects power, not excellence or integrity. Power driven systems resemble the jungle. The lion is always right and the lion’s friends have good life. Everyone’s else’s place in life is dependent on their power. such societies can function. However, they don’t progress much. A great line, I wrote that line in my daily notes. Its a good book  which provide a path for changing the India, and to built up a great India. I salute the thoughts of author, but I believe that only one person can not change the India and that current situation its change by the  society and every person of the society.

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