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Food Borne Disease

Food Borne Disease

Food Borne Disease Essay, Speech, Article : Food born disease or food borne illness, often called food poisoning is caused because of some toxic agents present in food items. These toxic agents are not present in all foods but in spoiled, old, unhygienic food items. Food is contaminated due to bacteria, viruses, fungi and some other microorganisms which badly effect human health. Bacteria and some other microorganisms need favorable conditions for their growth and reproduction. When, enough moisture, optimum temperature and nutrients available for bacteria and fungi, they start growing and spoil the food items. This is not the case with all food items because some type of foods can last for long time without any spoilage. But most of the times, bacteria and other microorganisms find their way to contaminate food items because these organisms are present everywhere.

Food borne Disease

The agents which are responsible for different food borne diseases are called “food borne pathogens”. Food borne diseases include, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, pneumonia, yellow fever, hepatitis A, B, C, different allergies etc. These problems are mainly due to the contamination of food products. These problems are a growing threat to human being because they are responsible for causing many life threatening diseases. Sometimes, contaminants are also present in the form of mutagens which can cause serious mutations. Metallic contaminants are also the reason of many food borne diseases. For example, accumulation of mercury can cause cancer.

WHO (world health organization) has issued some safety measurements to prevent food borne diseases. WHO is working to reduce the food contaminations, therefore it uses to organize different conferences and seminars to create awareness about food borne illnesses and its causes. WHO tries to guide about food safety from farm to plate. Children, who have weak immune system, are at the higher risk of food borne illness, so it is the duty of their parents to make sure that they are providing safe food to their young ones.

It is our duty to save our world and prevent our food from contamination. Human activities are also responsible for many food borne diseases e.g. many people don’t care about hygienic conditions during cooking. So, cook food properly to kill pathogens and keep your area clean. Cleanliness is the best way to prevent food borne diseases.

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