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Gardening as a Hobby | Essay about Gardening

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Gardening can turn out to be a great hobby as well as a nice outdoor activity that can contribute to us by providing us the daily quota of exercise in disguise. What can feel better than reaping our self-grown pod of peas or tomatoes or just see our garden colorful with blooming flowers?

So friends!! Take a little time off from your electronic gadgets and come out to the garden with a shovel in hand. Gardening will bring you to close to nature and also it will give us so much of peace of mind. It is a scope for relaxation of both body and mind.

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While houses nowadays are built without any space for a big garden inside the compound, the lucky ones must not miss out the chance to utilize the precious and dormant piece of land available to them. If a little effort is given daily, we will get the opportunity of both relaxing daily and after a sweet wait and nurturing we will get to reap the results of what we had sown too.

If there is a decent piece of land empty, then one can start by deciding on a few varieties of vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, radish, green chilies , etc. which can be planted in few sections. These small sections of vegetables grown gives yield for a whole season and thus all the work is worth it. Nowadays we never know how and what had been put to grow the vegetables we buy from the market. So we can trust our efforts to try organic farming. And of course it will benefit our health for sure.

Both hectic schedule and the nature conditions at present do not allow us to take a long nature walk daily. Nor it gives us an opportunity to sit in a park and relax for as long as we want. But this quota can be filled up if half an hour or forty five minutes of gardening is done daily or on alternative days. It involves the arms, gardening uses the whole body as we move around digging, planting, weeding, and watering. It releases stress on us. It definitely have a lot of psychological benefits. It is good for our body and especially among older adults. It is found that gardening helps patients of dementia by giving them positive attitude, better sleep pattern, well-being and functioning.

Gardening involves planning the layout of the garden, researching different plants that thrive in various conditions, etc. So accomplishing all these gives obvious mental happiness and it opens up our mood.

If enough space is not available, one may grow plants selectively in tubs too or even big tins. Gardening is an outdoor activity, so a few things must be kept in mind to enjoy it thoroughly. One may wear a hat or wear full sleeve clothes if working in the sun. Sunscreens maybe also applied. It is better to wear full clothes as there will be mosquitoes and other insects for sure. Do not work too hard. Appropriate breaks must be taken and also body must be kept hydrated.

After basic work done till sowing the seeds, we need to keep checking the plant siblings, water them every day, remove unwanted plants growing nearby and according to how much is needed, pest control must also be done. We can try organic pesticides for our good.

Thus, it is an enjoyable activity overall and as I said, the little land that was craving for beautification and attention has already got what it needed and it is all that is needed to make us happy.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Gardening as a Hobby | Essay about Gardening | My Hobby: Gardening | Paragraph about Gardening | Short note about Gardening[/box]

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