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Happiness Is More Important Than Money : Essay, Article, Speech (Happiness vs. Wealth)

Happiness Is More Important Than Money: Essay, Speech, Article ((Happiness vs. Wealth))

Why Happiness Is More Important Than Money?

Happiness Is More Important Than Money: No doubt, money is important to survive and to earn that money people require to work. This is one of the central reasons for working but, I truly believe that money is not everything and we cannot buy happiness with money. No matter how big your bungalow is, there are chances that you are going to find yourself crying in one of the rooms. Having money is good but having happiness is best.

Happiness Is More Important Than Money : Essay, Speech, Article

Happiness Is More Important Than Money: Essay, Speech, composition (Happiness vs. Wealth)

Debate on Happiness vs. Wealth


The primary reason to work is to increase experience. There are a number of students who work to add up an experience and not just for money. Some students do part-time jobs while they are studying. A few students work full time after completing their schooling to gain practical and realistic experience without a salary. Some people work to gain knowledge, volunteer, help others, and for physical and intellectual exercises which give contentment to people. These people work for happiness, satisfaction, and leisure and not for cash.


The following reason is some people like to do community services such as volunteering. Many people do volunteering in Libraries or in Society. We can observe many old age people and help them out just for the sake of pleasure in doing so and not for money. Not only for old age people but you should lend a hand to the youngsters as well. For instance, I frequently visit a library near my house where I meet a lot of old age people for whom a group work as volunteers and they take pleasure in their work. One day, I talked to one lady there, who works there since she wanted to do some community service and wanted to make new friends. And by doing this she can use up her time in something incredible. I was motivated by her I also applied for a helper. Currently, I am also working as a volunteer in the library and assist others to teach computers. So, offering services can also be a cause of work.


In accumulation, a number of people like to help out others. They cannot sit unoccupied There is a proverb that, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” and I think this is correct. For instance, my uncle is very welcoming and helpful in character. He likes to assist others and he constantly keeps himself active in work. He does not have any job, then he goes to do community services. He believes that serving others gives him contentment with physical as well as a mental exercise. We all must have read the jingle which is, “the biggest reward is helping others” and it is utterly true.

Lastly, I consider that not all people work for money, and earning money is not only their basis to work. There are a lot of other reasons for working other than earning money such as serving others, gaining knowledge, volunteering and which provide people a sense of delight and fulfillment.

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