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INNOVATIVE AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGIES | Technological innovation in agriculture


Innovative Agricultural Technologies

What is Innovative Agricultural Technologies ?

Innovative Agricultural Technologies Agriculture is one of those fields that keep evolving everyday. With the technology growing on the other hand, agriculture drains every positive impact and is applied in its field. These too combined seem to be helping the mankind efficiently. With a sudden kick, agriculture is ever increasing than before. We have and will come under the awe of such ever growing technologies in the near future. Many are still under construction in research labs. Many others are already revolutionizing the world and its thinking. Either way it is definitely benefitting all of us. Let’s look at some of the innovative technologies in the agricultural fields.


How Smartphones useful as Innovative Agricultural Technologies?

One of the first ways in this world run by technology is Mobile Apps. Now there are trillions of apps in the market that help farmers to keep track of their plants. It helps to find out any illness if present in the farmers cattle. It helps to predict how much of the livestock or the growing paddy is going to turn out to be useful for mankind.


Morden Farmers inventing Innovative Agricultural Technologies

Then we have Fertilizer Deep Placement. FDP is the new addiction in the market. The farmers use this method to give fertilizer to crops by spreading seeds by their hands. The fertilizer is placed in the soil that avoids nitrogen to be lost as runoff.


Various Technological Innovation in Agriculture

Another method is Data Preserved in Soil. The African Soil Information Service (AfSIS) is a organization that is under the process of developing digital soil maps of the sub Saharan Africa by doing careful research, testing and analysis of the soil present there. This digital map will be made soon available linked with Google Earth and is publicly accessed by everyone who needs them.

Another method that is commonly use is New Feeding Systems of Cattle. In this method, all the food needed by the cattle are mixed thoroughly is a proper composition that is having all the nutrients required by them. They are fed with this mixture and it is found that reduces all the costs that affect the farmers.

We also have Greenhouses. Greenhouse is a dramatic way to increase production especially if it is cucumbers and tomatoes. Use of greenhouses has found its way to yield the double amount than usual that great benefits our farmers.This is also important innovative agricultural technologies .

A common agricultural innovation method is Drip Irrigation. It is one of the methods to save water and avoid excess use of fertilizers. Drip irrigation is a method of feeding water to the growing crops in the right amount. In this manner water is conserved at the same time the crops are given the right amount of water to grow.

All these methods promise a healthy set of crops for the future.

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