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Housing Problems in India : Introduction, Causes, Effects, Solution

Housing Problems in India : Meaning, Causes, Effects, Control Measures (Solution)

Housing Problems in India Introduction

Housing Problems in India : We’ve grown up studying in our social science classes in childhood, that a man needs three basic amenities to survive in this world: Food, Clothing, and Shelter; shelter being the topic under the light today. Well, shelter then, in the time of apes, housing now, in the current concrete era. India, still being on the list of underdeveloped countries in the world, according to the 2011 census, still needs 18.78 million houses in India. 0.15 percent of the total population is homeless. We’ve all seen both the faces of our country’s housing conditions in an exaggerated and bright condition, thanks to Bollywood, especially, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. The rare reality and promising future of our country.The real nightmare, 0.15% of our population faces.Delhi has the highest number of homeless in our country, followed by Chennai.

Housing Problems in India : Introduction, Causes, Effects, Solution

Housing Problems in India (Represented Image)

Cause of Housing Problems in India

  • With our nation being the second most populated country in the world, it isn’t surprising to see the housing problems that are issued daily.
  • Ours is an emerging country, unless the black money is dug out (hopefully soon, Thanks Mr Narendra Modi !). There’s no investment and proper funding when it comes to housing in India.
  • We face a lack of resources, and factory set ups, to produce the necessary raw materials to Curb Housing Problems in India .
  • We require a very well educated sect of architects and civil engineers, who stay in our country and come up with a proper infrastructure plan at low costs.
  • Improper distribution of the population in our nation is another cause. People migrate within the country to already populated cities, in hopes of getting jobs into large MNCs, mostly in the cosmopolitan cities. This causes lack of housing facilities, and high price demands by the greedy landlords, resulting in the unethical torture of the tenants.
  • Illegal immigration of foreign citizens, especially from Bangladesh, Nepal, etc., leads to a further rise in housing problems due to over population.
  • Looking into a different dimension of housing problems, the landlords more often than not, discriminate towards renting their apartment to the people belonging to their religion or caste.

Effects of Housing Problems

The effects of Housing Problems in India have to be faced by almost every citizen of our country, directly, or indirectly, mildly, or extremely. In the rural over populated areas, due to lack of necessary infrastructure, or cheap support, many times there are cases of the building structures collapsing in harsh weather conditions, leading to loss of lives and many precious elements. How is corruption not mentioned yet, when the entire article is about housing! The assigned money for basic amenities to the government and organisations is usually utilised to buy cheap raw materials, and the rest of the money goes into the pockets of already wealthy class. The most concerned citizens who have fallen prey to housing issues in India are the people lying below the poverty line and lower middle classes. In the absence of proper housing, we observe open defecation in our country. 13% of Delhi’s population defecates in the open, and that is another chapter in itself. The rise of disease-causing bacteria and other pathogens, pollution of water bodies due to the improper drainage system, etc. are the adverse effects. Overall poor performance in our country’s GDP isn’t shocking when we have an enormous amount of unhealthy citizens in our country.

Control measures of Housing Problems in India

However, every sunset is followed by a sunrise. We really hope that the amount of money (approximately 64K rupees) recovered by this black money surgical strike, is put into the right places. Right now, what we can do is, educate as many citizens in our country as possible. A literate country is a developed country. Instead of emigrating to the foreign land, if we stay in our country and earn, we are ensuring a better development of our country. We need to come up with proper infrastructural plans at low costs, to ensure affordable and a healthy living of our citizen and to solve the problem of housing .

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