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How Is Our Life Without Mobile ?

Essay on Life Without Mobile : It is said that to live life 5 things are required-water, air, cloth, shelter etc. but in today s Generation to live life mobile and internet are required. Mobile has become basic necessity for the every person today. The simple beggar even hold mobile improve the communication speedily now a days mobile are very important technology invented by a man. People can live without food but people can’t live without mobile and it is the truth.


Mobile is tool for accessing everything in this world. People are using less computers and more and ecommerce is done on phone itself. The best advantage of mobile phone is they are easy to handle and transfer; they are light weight and consume less space so people prefer phone rather than pc.

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Mobile Technologies are increasing now days. Advanced level of software as well as hardware is computed to satisfy customers’ this corporate world mobile has become basic and needy requirement for every employee. Internet has given backbone to mobile phones. Mobile is mostly preferred for internet purpose. Person can access anything at any point of time from everywhere.

Every tool has advantage as well as disadvantage. And the same with the mobile is. Mobile phones are advantagable for those who use it properly but for some it is time wasting mechanism. a lot can happen by this simple handheld device. All we can do is just protect yourself by addicting of it. Sometimes battery of the cell phones blast and harm the human being. The rays can harm the ear. And a lot thing which can harm limited use of this tool is acceptable.

Mobile phone is known as generation king as it is seen everywhere, to everyone. Frome tea seller to company merchant, from windows to android, from 100rs to 100000rs, from worst to best, from simple to is technology which changes according to requirement of people from place to nature, from religion to country and from fight to love!!


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