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How to prepare for 10th Board Exams CBSE?

The session is on and is heated up too. Preparation for class 10th board exams not only requires hard work but smart work as well. Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the board examination for the classes 10th and 12th from the first week of March. Being a Board exam a student needs to prepare really hard in his examination. Here are some effective tips which will help you in scoring above 90% in your board exams.


Solving NCERT text books is mandatory for every child who aspires to score above 90% in board exams. You need to solve each and every problem very carefully and memorize it properly. It has been seen that most of the question come from NCERT either directly or indirectly. If you are not able to solve all the problems, you can download NCERT Solutions PDF¬†from internet. That will help you to not only in a solid preparation but will also help you to get into examiner’s mind. As all solutions are formulated as per the latest examination pattern and follow strict CBSE guidelines.

Try to complete full syllabus by October

Most of the Schools and tuition classes aim to complete the syllabus by September or October. This allows you to have enough time for you revision and work on the areas which you feel are weaker. Keep a couple of months such as by December to solve all the NCERT solutions and other sample books.

Solve previous year question papers

Do not try anything new in the last couple of months such as January and February. It’s the time to gear up high for the examination and more time devoted for revision rather than studying new concepts. Solve last 10 years question papers. Get a feel of the examination trend, pattern and number of question asked. Prepare as per the latest guidelines. If you cannot afford to buy a question bank either download online or you can take help from your school library. Also download some sample papers and try to solve them in a three hour time. This will help you in better time management.

Timetable and Milestones

A well defined timetable and tracking record by setting milestones will help you achieve your goals in a channelized way. Your timetable should include everything from study to play to healthy eating. All day continuous studying may harm your eyes and may badly affect you concentration. Taking small breaks can be a good initiative for a quality study.


If you aren’t motivated well you cannot succeed even if your preparation is beyond expectation. Keep yourself motivated by watching a 2 minute motivation lecture on YouTube or relax in the lap of your mother. Parents and teachers are the greatest motivators. Keep discussing your problems with them. They’ll guide you appropriately as they understand you much better than you.

Well organized Study Space

Staying away from distractions is the key to succeed. Make sure that you study space is not located in the living room or a room with television or other distractions. Ensure that your study space is well organizes with all you needy things present over there. Keep a water bottle beside you so that you are not running after 15 minutes to drink water.

Practice formulas

Science and Maths are purely formula based subjects. I recommend you to make a chart of all the formulae and stick them on your study room or a room where you sleep. Always go through it at night. After few days you will see the difference that all the formulas are automatically memorized by you.

Talking about notebooks, it is always recommended to maintain a separate notebook for separate subject. This will make your learning process easy.

Highlight when required

Making small dots in front of questions which are either tricky or difficult to solve, will ease out your revision process. On viewing dots you immediately recognize that this must be an important one that’s why I have made this dot. You can also make a separate notebook for formulae and keep on writing important notes or formulae which you come across while learning.

Don’t follow multiple books

NCERT books are enough for you study but still in case you think you need better preparation then just take book of one famous author and just follow it. Following multiple help books will only confuse you and you will start feeling demotivated.

Seek Blessings

Before leaving for examination hall, don’t forget to take blessings of teachers, parents and of course God. Blessings play a key role in shaping your destiny and Luck.

So, friends; follow these simple 10 tips and I’m sure your local daily newspaper will have your photograph printed once you crack the exam.

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