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How to Write Good Piece of Essay?

Essay is generally a piece of writing that gives author’s own perspective and argument. It is generally sub-divided into formal and informal. Writing a good essay is a skill very similar to art. People often find it overwhelming to write essays, especially for scholarships and competition. However breaking it down into manageable sub-tasks can make the entire process of essay writing interesting and challenging. It can be fun to organize and produce your own thoughts clearly with constraints like word limit.

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Here we break the task of essay writing into simple sub-tasks to make things easier for you to write successful essay. You also can use affordable essay service for your best essay.

Topic selection:

You might be given a topic beforehand or you may be asked to pick our own topic. If you need to pick your own topic, pick something that you genuinely find interesting. Also the purpose of writing should be clear, whether you are writing to provide simple information for awareness or you are writing to bring out different perspective on the subject.

Create outline:

Once you decide the topic, it is always good to jot down your thoughts and main points for reference. Your essay should be easy to read and follow so a proper logical structure is important. Draw a rough diagram outlining the overall structure of your essay and follow it while writing.

Thesis statement:

Thesis statement is written to clearly mention the subject of the entire essay. It is similar to “subject you give for your email”. It is a single line statement. The thesis statement should be clear and concise and it should clearly state the purpose of the essay.


Once done with formulating thesis statement, start your essay by brief introduction. The whole purpose of introduction is to get readers attention so that he/she becomes genuinely interested in reading the entire essay. Start introduction with a catchy phrase or some interesting fact. The idea is to make the reader curious about the topic.


This is the major section of essay. Here you describe or explain your topic by incorporating relevant examples and figures. Each main point that you jotted down initially should form individual paragraphs.


This is the final section of your essay. Here you summaries your entire argument. Think of it as last resort to reinforce your views on the subject. Conclusion is very similar to the introduction. You should mention your thesis statement also in conclusion. Conclusion generally contains few powerful sentences to make an impact on readers mind.

Finishing touches:

Writing conclusion should not be considered as end of essay writing. It is a good practice to go through and review your essay. While reviewing and checking for any grammatical errors look out for additional points as well, like:

Ensure that your entire essay follows a logical structure. Organize your body in a sequential manner that is easy to follow and understand. This is especially important if your essay has chronological order to follow.

Prune trivial and unnecessary sentences from your writing. Remember that essay should be easy to read. Also make sure that you don’t use same word over and over. Make good use of your vocabulary. Make the transitions from one section to another smooth. Using words like “moreover”, “furthermore”, “also” is a good practice. It makes reading feel like a journey from introduction to conclusion.

In your body section put your strongest of points in first and last paragraph if possible. This structure is known to make the writing much more powerful. Do this only when chronology does not matter and when it still follows a logical sequence.

Finally check for spelling mistakes and done, you’ve just written a great piece.

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