Importance Of Birth Certificate : Why Birth Certificate is Important Document in India ?

Importance Of Birth Certificate

Why Birth Certificate is Important Document in India?

The birth certificate is the first official record of new born baby in this world. The birth certificate records all the details from the name of the child’s parents to the time of birth.  A document which is maintained just at the time of birth must be having a lot of importance. The birth certificate is a very important document both for the individual and the nation too.You can register Birth Certificate Online of your beloved baby.

Why Birth Certificate is Important Document in India ?

Why Birth Certificate is Important Document in India ?

As for the individuals, as stated before, is the first record of the child in this world. It is the first identification of the new born which gives him the identity and recognition in this world. It establishes the citizenship of the child too in the respective country. An unregistered child may find it difficult to get the basic facilities such as  getting a passport, a driving license or marriage certificate. When the child gets registered it entitles him immediately with all the rights that any other individual of the same nation is entitled too. If your baby born in chennai then you can get Chennai Corporation Birth Certificate from online or offline.

The importance of birth certificate is not just limited to the individuals. It has a wider importance. This certificate and the relevant records maintained at the government offices provide a basis for calculation of important figures such as child birth rate and death rates etc.  This data not only reflects the basic problems related to child and maternity care in the country but also helps the government to carve out new and improved policies in this respect.

The problems of child trafficking and early marriage can be tackled effectively only when each and every child is registered.  The more the number of unregistered child births the more are the chances that they will fall in the traps of these evils.

These registered births provide a preliminary view about the expected population level of the country based on which the government plans out various welfare schemes.

In India, the Registrar General, is the central authority which records and monitors all this process of registration and issuance of birth certificates according to the provisions of Registration of Births and Death Act, 1969.

Birth Registration is the fundamental right of every child which should be provided by every parent to their child as his/her first gift from them. It will not only save them from the evils such as child trafficking but will ensure them a happy life as an identified individual.

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