Master the Profession of a Doctor With Online Games

If someone begins to convince you that online games are a waste of time, show them a selection of medical games on the Game Karma platform. These games simulate situations requiring medical care for people, animals, or fairy-tale characters. During the game, users learn important medical skills and receive a lot of information on anatomy, surgery, pharmacology, and other sciences.

Target Audience for Medical Games

Medical games are available for players of all ages and varying degrees of training:

  • For children who dream of becoming doctors and helping any creature that falls into trouble
  • For teenagers who already have basic knowledge of anatomy
  • For adults who aspire to master basic medical skills to help their friends and relatives
  • And even for students of medical colleges and universities who learn to make diagnoses and treat patients in game situations

Medical Games for Children on the Game Karma

The Game Karma platform has collected a huge library of the best games on medical topics for children and teenagers. They are divided into several thematic subgenres depending on the main canvas of the plot.

Surgical Games

Surgery is presented for small users as a very exciting and responsible activity. The player will not only observe the course of operations but will also pick up a scalpel for their own practice! When playing surgical games, children learn a lot of information about the anatomy of a person and the functions of each organ. They remember the algorithm for conducting the operation and cease to be afraid of doctors!

Doctor Games

In this subgenre of medical games, the player tries on a doctor’s uniform and decides which medical profile he will specialize in. Many patients with their ailments will come to him, and each of them will require special attention. The doctor will determine the disease on the base of mentioned symptoms and prescribe effective treatment. If the doctor has made a mistake, he will see the same patient over and over again!


These extremely exciting games allow players to act both on the side of those who are looking for effective means of combating the spread of viral epidemics, and on the side of those who invent these viruses. The player will have a modern laboratory and many friends who will help him in the invention of magical pills. However, there will be those who will develop new viruses and complicate the existing ones to immerse the planet into chaos and extinction.

Hospital Games

If your child has a penchant for management, offer him a game in which he will have to organize the work of the entire hospital. To fulfill this mission, the kid will have to perform a lot of specific everyday tasks:

  • gather the ideal team of doctors
  • furnish hospital wards and find the most advanced medical equipment
  • organize courses for the professional growth of doctors to bring them to the international arena
  • attract patients to their hospitals with high-quality medical services and reasonable prices for all procedures
  • open medical research laboratories to study the properties of new drugs and purchase those already on the market
  • and even solve possible conflicts between doctors, patients, authorities, and many other characters!

Medical games on the Game Karma platform will be interesting and useful not only for kids but also for adults. You will learn a lot of useful information about medicines and prescriptions that doctors make. Knowledge of Anatomy, Chemistry, Pharmacology, and other disciplines will no longer be difficult and intimidating. When they are presented in a playful way, consciousness grasps this knowledge easily and implements it later with the same simplicity!

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