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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss


  • “A rolling stone gathers no moss ” sententiae has its origin long ago in BC.
  • These are the words of Publilius Syrus.
  • As per wikipedia source, Publilius Syrus who Died: 43 BC, was a Latin writer and he was best known for his sententiae.
  • He was a Syrian who was brought as a slave to Italy, but by his wit and talent he won the favor of his master, who freed and educated him afterwards.



This thought has a deep meaning. It states that any person who is unable to concentrate on one thing is bound to be unsuccessful, inconsistent and untrustworthy. All successful people aim at one thing and try to improve in it. Hence they make perfection in respective area and are known to everyone. All should aim high but should try to be consistent to achieve them.



This thought has two sides. First is positive. If a person remains consistent in a work and gives his soul in it, then the person will become successful. We have many examples with us. Players, actors and elders in our day to day life are following some rules in their life and hence they are successful. Along with maintaining fitness, player practices game while actor practices scripts their flow and meaning. Elders also do homework every night before they again go to office for work. ex. Teacher practices lessons while some employees prepare PPTs for presentation.

To remain consistent, one has to have faith in his/her work. Goals should be in the same paths, they shouldn’t conflict which means having goals of working in MNCs as well as doing films in Bollywood at same time is not possible. If someone is working in MNC, then that person should think of improving performance to grab excellent opportunities in market with high salary, good occupation etc. Also goal could be to focus on current project and get increment. Never a person should be discouraged with small failure in life.

Secondly, slightly negative side can be seen that if person is in a field then he shouldn’t even think of anything else is somewhat not acceptable. We see all-rounder ( versatile) people nearby us. They work for a company, play games as a passion, draw paintings and sell them and many more. They may earn through different ways but still we can say that they may improve if they focus on one of them. Hence they should no jump from one occupation to other occupation frequently. Stability is very important in life.



It is important to have role models in our life. Everyone has one or many role models in life. These are the ones who help individuals to improve in their area lead a better life. Thoughts and books can be part of our life as role model or aims. Hence this thought is very important in the sense of improving. This thought helps person to remain stable and avoids fluctuations of different thoughts about different aims in life.

This thought is a key thought which explains importance of fix aim in life, but one should have a great foresight. One should think on his/her own and should decide career path specifying a fix sector or subject. Then it will be very easy to move towards goals and to reach heights. If this thought is followed, People will be very much happy with their life and will be successful in true sense i.e. there will be satisfaction with earning due to work in favorite sector with interesting work. Hence to choose correct option of career and settle in particular area  ,one should definitely follow this sententiae.


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