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Family: Essential and Non-Essential functions

So many people are living on the edge of poverty, and even one setback to lead them into the abyss of homelessness, into a nightmare of getting parted from their loved ones. In a recent report, one of every 30 American children is homeless at some point in the year. Homelessness leads to kid collateral damage, his academic failure. If we talk about being homeless or orphans in respect to India, a study by an international charity for orphaned and abandoned children found that India is home to 20 million orphans, a figure projected to increase by 2021. The study further concluded that 4 per cent of India’s child population is an orphan and the most astonishing discover most the children were abandoned by their own parents. A kid who is an orphan and is homelessness; these catastrophic incidents can him into the lead to various setbacks throughout his life. The above illustration was made to realize the need of a support or precisely a family.


A family can be defined as the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children or group of individuals of the same ancestors living under the same roof. The second might be a bit informal, but it’s how many has been defined. The root to the idea of family is historically and mythological to some extent. The importance of elderly guidance and support was quintessential at some life decisions. The parents or rather the head of the family was the person grant wishes and permission for everything in the family. This idea of family is intricate but also ignites a belief of oneness.

The discussion about family is highly elaborative and eternal. The family has some essential and non-essential functions as well.  The importance of family and some basic duties which a person in the family is allotted with, as well as there even are some unnecessary burdens which society has over time created in respect to the family.

Essential Functions of family

  1. Production and Rearing of children: The task of race perpetuation has always been an important function for the family. Regular poking and remainder by certain gestures for sexual procreation is paramount for the elder in the family. The rearing of children is performed better than the earlier times. The death infant rate has also declined in the past decade.
  2. Provision of home: The home is a place which is made by the people inside it. Everyone crave human response so do man. The psychologists hold that probably the greatest single cause of emotional difficulties, behavior problems is the lack of love, i.e. lack of warm, affectionate relationship within a small circle of intimate associates. The family satisfies the need for affection by human beings.
  3. Civic and Social norms: A family member’s guidance makes younger ones in the group to learn some civic and social norms. The family regardless of the different agencies imparts the social knowledge, views over customs etc. The child learns the first lesson of citizenship from the family. The lesson of love, toleration, discipline, sacrifices, etc. That’s why the family is called as the cradle for civic norms.

Non-Essential Functions of family

  1. Economic: In relevance with past reference, a family was maintained and sustained to carry forward their economic legacy. In the typical Hindu joint family, all members were engaged in the family industry. It served as mutual insurance society.
  2. Religious: The family was also used as a tool to serve religious goals. It serves as the center for the religious training of the children who learn from their parent’s various religious virtues. In old days various practices like idol worships, yagyas, religious discourse, and sermons restrict a person thought and make him more religious.
  3. The dominance of elders: The discourse which remains is about the leadership, leading the group of individuals. Often due to the presence of some elder person in the family, so rational and better arguments are neglected. These arguments aren’t even taken into consideration.

The family stays an important part of an individual’s life. The essentiality and non-essentiality can vary with people but the crucial thing is family, idea of family remains and should always remain.

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