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Importance Of Freedom : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Cue Card

Importance Of Freedom : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, IELTS Cue Card

Importance Of Freedom Essay

The colonial era spanning across 18th and 19th century became an epitome of oppression and slavery of the native population. Countless stories of the true and alleged atrocities of white on black and brown churned the imagination of the masses and fueled freedom movements across the Globe. In other words, freedom is important is an understatement because it is as crucial as the air is to life.

Importance Of Freedom

Importance Of Freedom : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, IELTS Cue Card

Freedom of thought and expression

How many times have we seen that free society generally develop very fast as compared to the closed ones? In fact, regular discussions with the people make the government and media more open. As a result, aspirations of the individuals are taken care of however state should draw the line as to what extent the freedom is exercised by the citizens.

An autocratic regime may indulge in corruption and malpractices resulting in an inefficient administration. To make the matters worse, the right of people are suppressed without ant scope of compromise with the government.


If a person is free, he or she is more creative in daily life. In addition, freedom also inspires individuals to think independently with logic and rational approach. A slave cannot think properly as the person is under the spell of the master. Freedom is extremely important to the modern society if it wants inclusive development of not the only majority but also the minority population.

Intellectual growth: Modern education is built on the concept of freedom and independent thinking. If the society is expressive the government would be more in tune with reality and take decision according to the wishes of the people.

Happiness: You can be extremely rich and wealth but without freedom, you may not feel happiness in life. It is the desire to do something independently that gives satisfaction to the individual.

Responsible person: If an individual is independent he can act responsibly and be aware of the consequences. It plays a very important role in making the society mature and takes decisions that are in general good for the community.

Healthy debate: A free group of people will discuss and debate before solving any problem. Since we are young, the textbook teaches us to love for the common good of the society, however, each person is a different individual and would become expressive if he is allowed freedom.

Living life under slavery: People who do not have the freedom are akin to bonded laborers that cannot fulfill their desires. In addition, one has to live as per the norms of the society while remaining under the rule of an autocrat. It is found that a nation with a dictator at the helm is always prone to insurgencies and armed uprisings as people are not able to pursue their dreams with greater freedom. Although superficially everything seems to be fine, the strong undercurrent against the government is evident in the general population.

Conclusion on Importance of Freedom

In short, it can be said that freedom is the part and parcel of the modern life and any development is only possible when people have sufficient room for growth.


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