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Solid Waste Management


waste management

Any debris or other material that do not prove useful to mankind and environment is termed as waste. Waste can be of different kinds. Some can be reused while others become completely useless after a single use. It is up to us to maintain these wastes. Simple dumping in wasteland is going the disease our earth even more. It becomes our duty to get involved in those activities that is required to manage the proper disposal of the wastes generated. This is called as waste management.


Waste management includes all actions of collection, transport, treatment and its disposal while the wastes undergo a certain amount of checks and testing. One of the common kinds of waste management is solid waste management.

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Solid waste management can be defined as the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of solid waste materials. The wrong kind of waste management will definitely lead to unnecessary waste dumps scattered around the city. This leads to insanitary conditions that in turn lead to pollution and the forever degradation of the environment. As a chain reaction, this leads to diseases that became later chronic. The pollution leads to the sudden increase in various pests and rodents.



Solid waste management is broken down into varied steps. The initial step is collection. Various trash cans are provided around the city to dispose the waste. However, people find it difficult to dispose the trash in cans and hence they are seen in water bodies or cluttered in places near to their homes. The dustbin man comes around with his vehicle and collects the waste around. This is then transported to wastelands and dumped there. From here segregation is done in a rough manner. They are again collected and transported to the treatment centre. Here again the segregation process takes place in an intense manner. The solid materials are separated and now they undergo various biological and chemical treatments. They undergo tests and if they can be reused, they are sterilized and send to the respective centres. If they cannot be reused they are compressed and send to other centres where they can be used as temporary parts for other objects. Most of these non usable objects directly go to incineration. Incineration is the process of blowing in hot air on to the objects to melt them. Recycling is a process done on large scale. It helps us to make use of the objects up to its maximum efficiency.

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The solid waste can be categorized based on the composition and particle. They can be differentiated on the basis of its usability. However, it is our duty whether useful or not useful to manage the wastes in the right manner to keep the environment clean and a better place to live in. we do not want to live in a land filled with dump.

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