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Importance Of Good Eating Habits

“One cannot think, love, sleep well if he has not dined well.”

Health and hygiene is a concern for everyone. There are many people who believe a great lifestyle and enough wealth would lead to happy life but that doesn’t hold true. If you are wealthy enough to enjoy your life but what if your body and health do not support you, for instance you are a person who loves to have sweets but also you are a diabetic patient then you won’t be able to enjoy what you like. Food is the basic need for the survival of a human body but healthy food is a necessity for longer life. The idea of having healthy body doesn’t tend to lesser eating or starting up a diet. It only means to have the right sort of food. Eating healthy food is a one good habit one must inculcate. You should know your boundaries and limits while having certain kind of food. Healthy food doesn’t mean having boiled vegetables or saying no to fat. It simply means having food that fulfill our nutritional needs.

What sort of food should be avoided and why?

There are two types of people who eat to live and others who live to eat and well if you’re the second type it’s an issue. You eat what you like without realizing how it has an impact on your body. The food that you have gives you pleasure and taste but no healthy stuff. Our body needs healthy food to function properly. The intake of excessive junk food and soft drinks should be avoided. It has a major impact on the various body parts which include liver and kidney. It also has high salt contents and chemicals that aren’t good for a human body. The food needs to be chewed properly. The type of food that have way too much sugar or oil must not be taken in higher amount. This creates disease like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid etc. You should have food that is more healthier in nature. The amount of food taken is high then it’s certainly okay but it needs to be healthy.

Importance Of Good Eating Habits

A healthy diet or good eating habits or basic needs for well functioning of the body. If we have good eating habits then our weight remains balanced and it prevents obesity. It is not a lesser known fact that having good food leads to prevention of many chronic diseases. Our food habits have a control on our mind and mood. So it is important to have good eating habits. It improves overall performance of mind and body. The chances of being in depression, having anxiety, lowering down of sugar level reduces with good food habits. Healthy food is required to stimulate the growth of hormones. It protects our immune system as well. It is necessary to intake food that have protiens, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamins, fats and fibre. Vitamins, fibres and minerals should be taken although in lesser quantities to avoid deficiency and prevent some serious diseases like cancer. Protiens and carbohydrates are the main components required in the body which should be taken on regular basis to maintain energy level, build new tissues and for overall growth. It is a misconception that fats aren’t required in the body. They are required but in a proper amount, taking them in higher quantity definitely leads to some major issues. Calcium and iron are equally important as other components. They help in strengthening teeth and bones, better concentration and developing brain cells. These all components are majorly present in healthy food, so it is very important to develop good eating habits.

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