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Importance of Railway Essay Article Notes Paragraph

Importance of Railway Essay Article Notes Paragraph

Importance of Railway Essay Article Notes Paragraph : One of the breakthrough discoveries is railways, somebody had mentioned across our history. We have road and rails across this brown land. With our land having varied geographic changes, not all areas accept roads as a mode of transport arena. Setting down rails is definitely not an easy task. But it has a huge advantage. It helps us in the movement of large number of people and goods at a time within a short amount of time when compared with road transport. Journey by railways is usually preferred by a majority than road travel.Thus Railway is the most important way of transportation.

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Importance of Railway Essay Article Notes Paragraph

What is the Importance of Railway?

When we consider our tri-coloured country itself, railways has played a major role in our history. Our books tell us that railways were the major transport back then when people needed to transport coal, traded goods, and much more. The settling of rail started slowly. Now every corner and curve of the country has railways. The total length of the railway tracks is estimated to be around 65 000 kilometres in India. About 8000 trains travel every day across our country, India. And they carry nearly three fourth of our population to their required destinations. Our railway network is the recorded as the largest as in the Asian Continent. It is also recorded to be the second largest across the globe. We have an estimate of 4000 trains separate that run to supply goods and trade alone. They are estimated to carry about 6 lakh tonnes of goods everyday across various states.As per the given stats we can understand the Importance of railway.

Importance of railway

Types of Railway Engine

The Indian Railways run on steam engines, diesel engines and electric engines. Steam engines are the oldest kinds that were used way back in time. It is being still used. They are run on steam and coal. These release a huge amount of smoke. Diesel engines run on diesel. They are more powerful compared to steam engines and they release lesser smoke. Electric engines are the final and the latest kind. They emit no smoke and cause no pollution or trouble to the outside environment.

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Facilities provided By Railway

The railway has two kinds of classes: the first class and second class. Many common people usually prefer the second class. The first class proves to have a higher fare while the second class has a lower fare. Hence taken up and owned by the Indian people. However, second class can be mostly over crowded. To avoid the rush, many book seats in advance to have a comfortable travelling experience. Lights, fans and wash room is being provided for the travellers. Air conditioned coaches and available in case of long distance comfort seeking travellers.

The railway station has also been built to the comfort of the people across the country. The station includes food stalls, ticket counters, benches and waiting rooms, wash-rooms etc.

Essay on Indian Railway System

Essay on Indian Railway System

The Indian Railways maps out main routes between Delhi and Calcutta that forms the very basic foundation of the transport system. The Indian Railways is the most important form of transport in our country. It is preferred by many as it is highly economical. It is a huge service that this institution is doing for our country. This national property gives us no right to bring down its quality. We must safeguard the way we use our railways.

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