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Importance Of Women Education In Recent Time

Importance Of Women Education In Recent Time | Essay On Women Education

Short Essay On Women Education  : Education is must require thing of every human is termed as basic need of every human. There is no education available for women in India. Some of the women of high level society are educated. But still there exist some villages where women is not given education, there are only meant for doing household chores.

Importance Of Women Education

From last some years this condition has improved.NCW has taken step to educate girl child in India. Even in some states education is free for girl child. Girl is a future is necessary to secure her future. Indian culture has now grown up and people are allowing their daughters, sisters and wives to approach the education.

Women is important part of society, she handles house as well as manage the family. She won’t be paid money or salary for what she does every day even women living in house have no holidays. Still some people don’t respect them just because they don’t earn. Women having education can stand on her base. She doesn’t need to depend on anyone else and through which she can demand for what she really deserve.

Ancient Indian culture says that women are only meant for home. But today women are reaching to moon, they are there at the borders and they are scientists. She can do whatever she wants to do. But just because of some social parameters women is not given preference for education.

There is a need of big change in society. People have to change their mentality and they should educate girl as boy. Through which she can know her right and she fight back for it. Women education should be compulsory to those areas where people are not educated and there so their mentality is not. People should realise importance of education as if she will earn, family‘s economic condition can be make your sister, daughter, wife educated as far as she can , because she is the best creation of god.

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