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Indus Valley Civilization Essay, History, Article

Indus Valley Civilization History Essay Article Paragraph

What is Indus Valley Civilization?

India is known for its rich and deep culture. Just like every beginning of a beautiful story, these traditions have deeps roots. We would not have a story to tell, if the Indus Valley Civilization never existed.

Indus Valley Civilization

History of Indus Valley Civilization

History dates back to 5500 BCE when Indus Valley Civilization started has small villages at the Indus River Basin. The people who lived in this era were believed to be the smartest. Cities and tows slowly arose from the rubbles by 2600 BCE. Indus Valley Civilization had its golden time during 2500 2000 BCE. The very well known Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa belongs to this civilization.Thus this Indus Valley Civilization is also known as Mohenjo-Daro Civilization or Harappa Civilization Excavated evidences tell us that they were the most advanced cities ever created. Many houses had personal wells and bathroom. They are also famous for their well built drainage system of Indus Valley Civilization. They had a great social life compared to the societies that existed amongst the Babylonian, Egyptians etc. the people of this civilization has done serious and careful planning of cities, road and pipeline system for the proper functioning and the welfare of the people.

Indus Valley Civilization Town Planning

Characteristics of Indus Valley Civilization 

Trade is one thing that flourished and kept the Indus Valley Civilization alive and active. Trade happened on various bases that include commercial, religious and artistic connections. The exchanged products and made many that were exported across the globe. Excavated remains show us various beautifully carved sculptures and pots.

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Writing Language At Time of Indus Valley Civilization

Their writing language another highlight. Historians have still not found a way to decode their system of writing. They used special language to communicate and send their messages across the country. Deciphering their code is taking longer than thought and still it remains as a mystery. Their writings are seen on different surfaces that include pottery, stamps, copper tablets etc.

Agriculture was also a prime event in this civilization. They were known mainly for the crops grown of Indus Valley Civilization. The farmers were pleasant people who cared about the health of the society. No adulterated items back then. From rice to red tomatoes, their fields looked rich.

Map of Indus Valley Civilization affected area

Map of Indus Valley Civilization affected area

Inventions During Indus Valley Civilization

They also introduced a new seat of coinage system and seals. Made with copper and aluminium, their coins were one of a kind. Their seals were stamped in every notification or letter that went out from their city to show their dominance ina modest manner.

Fall of the Indus Valley Civilization

Around 1500 BCE, nomads, herders and the Aryans moved into this are from Central Asia. They were welcomed by these people. However, things took a turn. What was meant to be taken as an invite was mistaken by them to be an invasion. The Aryans basically invaded them which were seen as reason for the fall of the Indus Valley Civilization.

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Good things always come to an end. The Indus Valley Civilization showed a decline by 1800 BCE. Their writing system slowly disappeared, trades fell when measuring instruments and weight went out of market. Connections with other places were lost too and slowly cities became empty. People of the city abandoned their homeland and went in search for more prosperous land. Many believe the main cause for the drop in the Indus Valley Civilization is because of the drying up of Saraswati River. Other historians mention that the reason is a heavy flood that existed during its last era.

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