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Law and Morality : Essay , Article, Speech, Importance, Relationship

Law and Morality :  Essay , Article, Speech, Importance, Relationship

Essay on Law and Morality

In the present world, morality and law are more or less collectively held to be dissimilar fields and, where the phrase “legal principles” is used, it is taken to refer to the proficient integrity of lawyers or judges, but has nothing to do with the possible “justice” or “injustice” of particular laws themselves.

Law and Morality :  Essay , Article, Speech, Importance, Relationship

Law and Morality : Essay , Article, Speech, Importance, Relationship

This is the end result of the loss of the wisdom of any “truth” about man, and of the banishment of the thought of the natural law. It demoralizes any sense of correct human rights and leaves the individual powerless against unfair laws, and opens the way to diverse forms of totalitarianism. This should be simple enough to see for a person open to the truth; but various people’s minds have set into superficial ways of opinion, and they will not respond unless they have been led on, step by step, to deeper reflection and attentiveness.

The right relationship between law and morality

Law and Morality do not overlap in meaning, though there is and should be – a basic interdependence connecting them. Ethical law distinguishes right and wrong in liberated human actions. It is intended beyond all at personal development and eventually at salvation.

Political-civil law is designed at making it achievable for people to live collectively in a community: in righteousness, harmony and freedom. Its concern is not directly supernatural, even though in creating the situation for proper justice and truly human behavior, it ultimately favors it.

Human civilization (Read About Indus Valley Civilization) is not possible exclusive of law and morality, standing in correct association. The increasing modern disaster of the West shaking its traditions and culture to its basic stems from separating both, seeing no needed relationship amongst them. But this is to connect justice and truth in human relationships, and to eliminate any theory of objective truth capable enough of uniting men. The link of unity involving men is tenuous when they merely share materialistic interests; this is an organization of self-interests which is all the time prone to conflict. Unity goes deeper and is stronger against potential divisions when people have familiar standards to look up to: shared truth, devotion and spiritual belief.

Dissimilarity Between Law and Morality

The foremost point of difference is that laws are obligatory by the state while canons of morality are followed at the call of institution. If one challenges the commands of law or disobeys the laws, he is liable to be punished by the state but if one fails to detect the principles of morality, he is not liable to be granted physical punishment. The cruelest punishment that can be awarded to a person for not observing the ethics of morals is his societal boycott.

Morality is concerned with both inner and outer affairs of man while law is concerned only with the outer affairs of a human. Therefore, law punishes only those who disobey laws by their external dealings. For instance, law punishes a person only when he- commits a robbery or a murder or any other physical offense.

Law cannot punish a person for telling a lie or for exploiting someone. Telling lies, criticizing someone or humiliating others or showing no gratitude and several other internal actions of man are sins but they are not considered as crimes.

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