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Math Tricks and Tips for Competitive Exams

Math Tricks and Tips for Competitive Exams

In the US, graduation tests for some reason are very simple for all students. However, studies conducted by experts on the results of final examinations of high school students in Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas showed that local tests are very easy for schoolchildren and often do not reflect the real picture of students’ knowledge. The conducted studies showed that the American final examinations in math for school pupils of the 12th grade are equal to those of the European exams for the 7th or 8th grades. If the student does not pass the test the first time, he has the opportunity to try again up to five more times.

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American experts in the field of education note: cheating and using all sorts of tricks in high schools and during entrance examinations in the US are becoming more common. Dozens of websites with cheat sheets are created for American students on the Internet, which students try to use directly in the course of their examinations and tests.

As for dishonest pass of exams, the imagination of American students is very well developed. To facilitate their exams, they apply different methods such as using various gadgets, cheat sheets and even special drugs that stimulate the brain activity. But unlike the situation in China, American high school students may not be afraid of special penalties, except for postponement of their examinations.

The half of the American States does not require taking final high school exams. However, for admission to the first year of university or college, all applicants must pass testing without exception. For better preparation for the math exam, use this resource: https://preply.com/en/skype/math-tutors. There are two types of exams – SAT (School Assessment Testing) and ACT (American College Testing). Depending on the location of the State, and often on the demand of American colleges, one of two tests is chosen, the structure of which is very similar.

Most of the tests consist of three parts: math, text analysis, and writing essays. These are questions with five possible answers. For each subject, the score can be from 200 to 800 points, which are added to the personal file of the entrant and sent to the university chosen. Taking into account that the tests are conducted six times a year, everyone entering an American college has the right to retake the exam if the results of the test obtained earlier do not suit him.

Despite the fact that at the final exams in algebra both in high school and during the entrance tests to the college, it is forbidden to use any gadgets except calculators. 35% of the interviewed students admitted during the survey that they had used cell phones and access to the Internet to obtain correct answers. 38% of young people explained that they had managed even to download separate texts from the Internet and insert them into their essays.

5 Secrets How to Pass Complex Exams

You can learn in a different way. Some prefer a leisurely and measured process associated with the constant attendance of lectures, the timely execution of homework and long-term preparation for exams. Many others spent sleepless nights before the exam. In order to apply minimum efforts and energy, there are several tips for students how to pass exams.

1. Do not postpone the preparation for the exam till the last night.

2. Believe in yourself. Prepare for the exam psychologically and tune yourself to the fact that you will successfully pass it.

3. Review all the amount of training material, but focus only on the main ideas. Split it into logical parts.

4. Do not overload yourself before the exam.

5. Don’t be nervous. In fact, you are completely ready.

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