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MBA Admission Guide: Golden Rules of Successful Application

When applying to do your MBA it is essential that you equip yourself with the knowledge of a successful application. Just merely throwing your name in a hat is not going to cut it. Careful planning and educating yourself will help give you a better chance of succeeding. You have to create your success, it does not simply happen. We list some of the best tips to help you achieve a successful MBA application.


MBA Admission Guide : Golden Rules of Successful Application

Be yourself

Many applicants miss this one and try to be someone more professional or sophisticated in their applications. Instead, show the admissions committee who you are and believe that it is good enough. Remember, you have to at some point go for an interview and they will eventually see who you are.

Select the schools you want

Do not just apply to any and every school. You need to find the perfect match for you and do not settle for less. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time doing your MBA and you should at least like the school. It will also psychologically be better for you if you are happy at the institution.

MBA statement of purpose

Your MBA sop is the most important part of your application. Give your statement of purpose for MBA the best you have in you. Speak to other students who already gained access to the program. This will give you a clear idea of what the committee is looking for. Allow enough time to write an SOP in the correct format and make sure it is an informative piece.

Market yourself

You are the brand and you need to think like a marketer. What makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants? Highlight you most unique achievements and expertise and please stay away from commonly used clichés. Show that you are the best candidate for this program.

Back to basics

Do not come across too technical in your writing. Go back to the basics and write like you speak. Obviously you have to be a bit professional but try and forget about that for a minute. Write from your heart and highlight the important points. When you do your research, you will have an idea of what the school is looking for. Go with that.

Why, not what

When you write your application, highlight the why instead of the what. Your essay will highlight what you did to get to this point. It is your responsibility to tell the school why you are the better candidate for their program.

No generic essays

Different schools require different essays. You cannot simply send the same application to all the schools of your choice. Everyone is expecting something else and you have to apply to it. Be specific in your findings to show you have researched and understand the school structure and policies.

With these tips you stand a better chance of being successful. The important thing here is to do your research. I have mentioned it a few times for a reason. The committee needs to feel like this is the only school you are applying for. Make them feel like your success is riding on this application. Be unique but always be yourself.


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