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Parental Versus Teacher Education


Being the real assets, Children are expected to be loved, cared and motivated. And they need the best parents and teachers to accede the top of the world. But being the best demands to be responsible and wise in ones acts. Parents endeavor to raise them and teachers enrich them academically. The area of amenability differs but the ultimate goal of producing promising citizens remains the same.

Parental guidance

Parents are the sole teachers of a child since birth. They are expected to grow their offspring with onus. Homely lessons of sharing, respecting elders, helping each other are very important and are added to a pupil’s personality at younger age itself. Guardians must choose right decision and help their ward in decision making at right time of their lives. Parents must maintain a good rapport with their teachers and friends to understand them better. Along with the role of guardian ship, father and mother should be able to play as a friend, as a teacher and as a well wisher which help them to scale heights in future. Parent must keep in mind that children learn the lessons of life from observing. So to make them fit for the society, they must lead an exemplary life motivating their kids.

Role of teachers

A student often links the interest to a particular subject to a teacher and the way it was taught to them. An ideal teacher understands the student and is able to arouse enthusiasm and competence among students for his or her subject. Students look at teachers as their role models. An attractive personality characterizes them to decorate the role beautifully. A teacher should be able to reflect the realm of world, create a sense of trust, response to student feelings and maintains professionalism from the very minute things she represents. Above all these, a teacher should be able to keep a sound relationship with student’s parents.

Combined efforts requirement

A child can be made into a future boon only with the combined efforts of his/her parents and teachers. Parents have to take an active role in child education by attending school meetings and update themselves with their child’s progress continuously. Firstly, both teachers and parents have to understand their roles and bridge the difference between home and second home. When teachers are responsible in assigning works and creating academic plans, parents are responsible to frame it with their support. Parents should provide their kids with the best of possibilities and teachers should be able to upraise them to the expectations. Both teacher and parents should work together to ensure that the child has a quality oriented personality in and out of curriculum. An engagement to keep the lines of communication between parents and teachers are essential to easy the student profile.


The responsibilities of teachers and parents coincide, but a fair education can be granted to the student through the adequate positive relationship maintained between former and latter. Both parents and teachers are specific in their roles. And when these roles are identified and are done with at most care, best results are guaranteed.

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