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Problem of Educated Unemployment : Meaning, Causes, Solution (Essay)

Problem of Educated Unemployment : Essay, Speech, Article, Causes

Problem of Educated Unemployment = From College, To Unemployment

Educated Unemployment : A Global Issue

Problem of Educated Unemployment : Through this world of globalisation (Read Also: Effects of Globalization), urbanisation and industrialisation one problem which has sustained itself is education (Read Also : Importance of Education ). When we talk about development, education is the major factor and has a direct or indirect influence on other factors as well. “Our education system rests on the pillars of accessibility, affordability and quality,” quotes our President Pranab Mukherjee.Education, as explained by Oxford dictionary, means “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” But a question prevails, why has this problem still sustained itself after seventy years of independence, after several reforms by the government, after so many influential campaigns? And the answer is because of unemployment.

Problem of Educated Unemployment : Meaning, Causes, Solution (Essay)

Problem of Educated Unemployment

Educated Unemployment Meaning

Unemployment is a phenomenon that occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. A widespread phenomenon which came into existence is educated unemployment or graduate unemployment. A college graduate actively is not able to seek job due to lack of opportunity is termed as graduate unemployment.  The US recession in 2007 is considered to be the prime reason for the higher unemployment rates of the developing countries, specifically the graduates. The unemployment is an anchor to the development of any state, an unemployed carries a burden of investment from both government and family lane, he/she becomes a liability to the state and also to the family. Eventually, it leads to misery and starvation.

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Causes of Problem of Educated Unemployment

The root of the unemployment begins at the systematic and policy making level. The policies making and their implementation should be incompatibility to the citizens of the state. The people of the nation should be the beneficiaries of these policies, but the case differs at the grass root level. The people in rural areas, which are approx 70% of our total population, have no or least access to such policies. One the causes of graduate unemployment are the quality of education which passes after three to four year of college, employers look for people who have learned how to learn, and have gained substantial communication skills as well as critical thinking abilities. Graduates are not meeting employer’s needs. The amount of capital a government invests in study materials, room, books, subsidised education, etc. is quite high, and there is no recovery to such investment when a student isn’t the epitome of his field. The idea of educational loans was also initiated by the government in 2005 and data released by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) projected that amount of educational loans had raised drastically from Rs 2,986 crore in 2003 to over Rs 48,400 crore in 2012.  Public sector banks account for over 90% of the loans disbursed in 2012: Rs 46,740 crore, but without the desired and needed jobs, graduates are accumulating debt and struggling to pay back their loans.

How to Solve Problem of Educated Unemployment ?

If we talk about reforms and solution of the unemployment plight about India, multiple technical and vocational institutions should be the establishment in the country and the significance of vocational courses to be instilled in the mind of people and efforts to break the taboo about their job insecurity. A campaign to present and promote more educational fields except engineering and medical should be recited to the people in the rural areas. The higher education like post graduation and PHD courses should be promoted to divide the job opportunity. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana,  Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana, Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee act and several other should be promoted and implemented efficiently throughout the country.

Conclusion on The Problem of Educated Unemployment

Economy and employment are the backbones of any state, the regular reforms and policy making should always be considered for the enshrouded growth. With the population which I possess, carrying youngsters as liabilities whereas they should be the support and help the nation go further ahead is an enormous devastating thought.


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