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Importance of Education Essay , Speech ,Paragraph

Importance of Education Essay , Speech ,Paragraph

Importance of Education – The things that kids learn at school are countless. Knowledge is expanding every day.  The schools and colleges of our country are not bound by the four walls. They let the kids free; to learn and explore the untold world. We are encouraged to ask questions about the things unknown. We are encouraged to raise our hand and justify what we think is right. We are given a chance to show-cast who we are inside-out. The great leaders of our country gave education its priority. They taught us through education you can build a country. Our country plays an important role in building its army of next generation. This generation is meant to look after the country. And this generation is given all its space to mould into the living beings they believe is the best for their country.

Swords, guns and knives ain’t the weapon. Education is the weapon. Your education is the best defence strategy you can give for your nation. And the nation will be in complete support of its warrior unleashed. 

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I may not know about the deep roots of Indian history, I may not know that I have valid rights in my country, I may not know that 1+1=2 if at a young age I was directed and told that earning money was the ultimate aim. Earning a reputation and having a chance to change the world to a better place is what Education gives you. It’s like the branches of a tree. The roots are deep and strong.  The bark is the mainstream path you follow, that branches out to your choice. The leaves, flowers and fruits are your earnings that make the surrounding a better sight. Opportunities are limitless. And so is the talent budding in every Indian.

importance of education

importance of education

Every youth has an idea that can change lives and even the country. The nation provides a chance for these ideas to see the daylight. Every idea, every plan, every brain works towards a single goal – “For a better future.”  India has given a chance for its people to build upon the budding thoughts and mold them to the citizens of tomorrow. Chetan Bhagat wants to call his country, “A land of Billion Sparks.”. I want to call it, “A land of Expression.”

“Education removes discrimination. 

Education eliminates poverty. 

Education is the ultimatum.”

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Who wants to be a part of a place that doesn’t let its people grow?

This question maintained its validity across the panels that take the best decisions for the country.  So they took decisions in support of people’s education. Education let the people to grow, expand, and explore. The people of the country seem to be at top and they conquered the world through the single tool the country provided – Education.

The doctor wouldn’t be able to cure you if he/she wasn’t given the right path of knowledge. The pilot wouldn’t be able to navigate through the thick clouds if he/she wasn’t given a chance to follow his passion. And I wouldn’t be able to put forth my ideas if I wasn’t given the right schooling.

I salute my country. 

1 Minute Speech on Education (Speech on Importance Of Education)

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