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Responsibilities of a Good Citizen


Every good citizen adds to the strength of a nation.
Gordon B Hinckley

By birth, we belong to a particular country and by choice we serve our country. As we grow up in our country or even abroad, patriotism for our country burns within us. It becomes our ultimate intention to serve the country in the best way possible. It becomes our duty and responsibility to hold the name of the country high. These duties not only improve our thinking but also give us inner peace.

A good citizen is one who does not involve in any sort of mischief that brings the name of the country down. He/she does not get involved in discussions that give rash comments about their country. He/ she is open minded and ready to discuss any point of view. He/ she appreciates others opinions and do not discourage even if the idea put forth is not theirs. He/ she keeps their surroundings clean and keep healthy relations. He/ she is compassionate to his neighbours and even the animals around. He makes sure that he/ she is environment friendly. these are some of the responsibilities of a good citizen.

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Any person of any country has all rights to be the best he can for his/ her country. He does not use electricity or water unnecessarily. He/ she, makes sure that no public property is damaged and joins hands with others to be part of various organizations that take care of the national structures. A good citizen abides by all rules and regulations and make sure that they are followed by others too. He/ she have the right to express themselves without disturbing his/her fellow mates.

Ours is a big country that is a mixture of varied culture and traditions. It is the duty of a responsible citizen to uphold the values of our country. However, we have to take half of the blame for the problems that occur in our country. Rather that finding a solution, we just put the blame on the government. A good citizen is one who helps in the development of the country.

A good citizen is asked to follow rules and regulations mentioned in the Constitution. The citizen also is to obey the instructions given by Authority. A good citizen has voting rights and is encouraged to vote for the right party. He/ she has civic social duty. A good citizen inspires others to be patriotic for their country too. They work together for a better tomorrow for their country. They teach the generations of tomorrow to work hard so that the country is proud of them. Healthy citizens are the greatest assets a country can have. A good citizen helps his/her fellow citizens. They join hands to help the people of slums. A good citizen never speaks ill of their country. some of the responsibilities of a good citizen mentioned here can be considered as mere examples that you can practice in your daily life.

We don’t have to be perfect. We just have to be patriotic.

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