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Short Note on early to bed and early to rise

It is a common quote that “Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. The meaning of this famous quote is to sleeping on time and rising before the sun plays a very important part in the progress of a person and his mind. The person who wakes up fresh is more active than others. People who have a habit to rise early in the morning, feel fresh all the day and they response more quickly and brilliantly than others.


Sleep is very important for health and development of mind. Having a good, complete sleep is very important for refreshment of the body and mind. Those who can sleep well at night are the lucky and blessed ones. Sleeping early at night is more refreshing and peaceful instead of sleeping late at night. When we sleep earlier and rise before the sun shine, we feel refreshed and active while if we sleep late at night and rise very late in the morning we feel fatigue instead of freshness, and our mind don’t work properly thus we feel sleepy all the day. the person who has a habit to sleep earlier and rise earlier, is more successful than others because he can do his work more actively , he can understand things more quickly, he can manage his living more cleverly. Our intelligence also needs to polish, if we don’t use our mind and waste our energy only in sleeping, we’ll never be successful in life.

Many people try to complete their work at night, but they must understand that night is for rest, for sleeping, and day is for work. When we contradict with nature, we cannot be successful, we always have to face failure. Success is hidden in our proper timetable, in our good health and in our active mind, so go to bed earlier and rise earlier.

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