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Should Schools Cut Arts and Music Out From Curriculum?

Should Schools Cut Arts and Music Out From Curriculum?

Importance of Music and Arts in School

As a student who has love for all the subjects, I completely disagree with the notion. Arts and music are equally important for the development of an individual on the whole. Cutting out these major subjects will only make the students deprived of knowledge. A variety of subjects helps the students to make a better decision of finalizing their careers shrewdly and taking up the one of their interest. The world needs specialized people in all the sectors, be it arts or sports; management or information technology. A student should have total right over what he/she wants to study or chase as a career option. I understand that advancement is the need of the hour and all the subjects are of equal importance.

Should Schools Cut Arts and Music Out From Curriculum?

Learning technology and other specialized subjects will help us grow to a greater level. But for a student who has the least interest in it will only deteriorate the situation. He would never grow in that region and will not be able to enjoy his work which is very essential. To give ground-breaking ideas and inventing something new one needs the obsession towards that area. Every person is different and so are their areas of interests. One would love computers and the other would adore music. This does not mean that any of them is less gifted and would not excel in their life. Parents and teacher should encourage their talents and take an initiative to shape them. This would boost them and give moral support and teaching them these subjects in school will provide them with physical and materialistic support. Even students inclined towards technical subjects should have basic knowledge about arts and music and the students leaning towards arts should be aware about what is happening in the economic and technical market as I mentioned earlier that each subject has its own significance. One should have fundamental knowledge about each side.

For instance, If Sachin Tendulkar didn’t had the opportunity to carve his skills in the field of sports or was not allowed to chase his dreams, we would have never known such a legend. A person can only stand out in the field about which he is passionate. If he does the job forcefully he would do nothing better even for himself as well as the institution he is working for.

Every student should get full chance to study the subject about which they are zealous. And for this we need the education system to take a step forward and make some chances for the growth of talent across the globe. Raising funds for establishments for playgrounds, swimming pools, courts for different sports, multi- activity centers, equipment needed for musical education, and financing other extra-curricular activities. Schools should also take an initiative to make teachers understand their aptitude and train them accordingly. Schools all across the world should make arts and music classes mandatory like- Japan, Hungary and the Netherlands did. Which are the highest ranking countries for math and science tests scores. A study showed students who were taught a foreign language every day in school outperformed the students who were not exposed to a foreign language.

We have to make people realize that people who study arts and music are equally smart and break the assumption that students from the technical department can only be successful.  Its high time people appreciate creativity. Being artistic is an invaluable gift and the world will only understand this when their will be ample amount of wakefulness about the issue. Parents should be invited to colloquiums and seminars and given consciousness about these things and make them encourage their child’s talents .Arts and music also connects us to our cultural heritage and brings peace to our soul. It’s the best way to meditate.

Conclusion : Should Schools Cut Arts and Music Out From Curriculum?

After ponder over my thoughts and deliberation with myself I came across the conclusion that : Arts and music should not be cut out from the curriculum. Rather these should be taken up as mandatory subjects in respect of their importance.

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