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Solar Energy System: Here’s How it Works

Have you only thought of the sun to be a source of heat and light for the earth? If yes, you might not know much about the importance of solar energy to generate electricity. With significant advancements in solar technology, you can now use a solar energy system as a viable solution to get alternative energy for your home. With the introduction of solar devices in mainstream energy markets, many people ask– “How does a solar energy system work?”

If you want to utilize solar power as an alternative energy source in your home, it is crucial to know how solar devices work. This will help you choose the right solar package based on your specific energy needs.

Solar Energy System Heres How it Works

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Let’s dig deeper to find out how solar panels can help you create energy for your home.

How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?

Sun is a natural source of tremendous energy. It releases small packets of energy known as photons, which travel millions of miles to reach the earth in a few minutes. The number of photons reaching our planet every hour is enough to satiate global energy needs to a good extent, provided we harness the abundance of energy sun using advanced solar energy systems.

A solar cell works by absorbing light from the sun and convert it into DC electricity. Multiple solar cells constitute a solar panel, and various panels when coupled together form a solar array. The energy then reaches a solar inverter, which converts it into AC electricity, which you can use to power most of the home appliances. A battery is yet another component of a solar energy system that is used to store the generated electricity for later use. The more panels you deploy, the more energy you can create as per your regular energy demands.

How to Calculate Solar Power Requirement?

Switching to solar energy systems is a significant decision that will affect the quality of life you live. You may only know about the benefits of solar power in saving the environment and money in the long run. However, it is also crucial for you to know about your power requirement before you make any decision.

The solar power requirement for your home may not be the same as that of your neighbor’s. It is because this depends on the electrical appliances you want to run via solar energy systems. In other words, the power requirement is the sum of power consumed by various appliances, be it electric fans, LED lights, TV or a computer.

Let’s understand more about calculating power requirement with this example –

You want to use a solar energy system that can run 7 electric fans and 7 LED bulbs with a power rating of 100 Watts and 10 Watts respectively for 3 hours. The power requirement can thus, be summarized as follows:

S. No. Appliance Power Rating (Watts) Count Load Usage (in hours) Total energy consumption (Watt Hours)
1 Fan 100 7 700 3 2100
2 LED Bulbs 10 7 70 3 210
Total Energy Consumption (in Watt Hours) 2310

UPS VA Rating = 1.67 x (Total Load) = 1.67 x (700 + 70) = 1285 VA apx.

For this specific power requirement, you need a solar energy system with a UPS VA rating equal to or higher than 1285 VA. One solar energy system that best fits such needs is Solar Off Grid Combo – 1500 VA from Luminous.  This system comes with:

  • Home UPS / Inverter – Solar UPS NXG 1800 with rated AC power of 1500 VA
  • Solar battery – LPTT12150H with 150 Ah rated capacity
  • Polycrystalline solar panel – 325W / 12V

The right choice of a solar energy system should be based on your knowledge about how it works and power requirements. Make sure you buy the right system that fits best for your energy needs. Explore reliable brands like Luminous that offer a wide range of solar energy systems throughout the country.

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