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Straight Trees Are Cut First

Straight trees are cut first

Chanakya : An Indian Professor and teacher quoted many centuries ago:

“A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first”

Straight trees are easy to be cut, here it means that honest people are like straight trees, they do not involve in frauds, they are not hypocrites therefore; other people take advantage and tease them in different manners. For example, a government officer if acts very honestly and expose every fraud of others, he will be punished by those who took part in dishonesty. What will be the consequence? Nation will lose a good person. A necessary evil is the right way to act honestly.


Straight trees are the people who always think positive and act positive but their positivity may lead them to a long lasting loss because this world is full of black sheep, it is not meant for innocent people. People must be clever enough to survive in this world. But it does not mean that honest people should leave their honesty and positive thinking. An evil is also required for honest people, they must act in such a way that they can easily pass through the troubles. For example, if a person is really honest, he should not show his honesty to everyone because if everyone knows about the honesty of that person, they will try to betray him and remove him from his place. So, necessary evil is necessary and honest persons should be dishonest sometimes to save themselves and even to save the world.

One should speak the truth but necessary truth. Sometimes, telling lie and acting wrong is necessary to save someone, is necessary to save humanity. If we talk about religion, religion always teaches to speak truth and act honestly but religion also teaches to save humanity and sometimes humanity is saved by dishonesty.

People may think that how dishonesty can save the humanity but it is true. For example, if a person is too honest then he may catch by others and punished which result in the ending of a good person, and humanity loses a good human. But if that honest person do not act honestly every time and show some evil where necessary then he can work for a long time and can promote his own thoughts and ideas.

All of the above discussion can be saved in a nut shell by saying that “Be honest but not too honest otherwise, this world will eat you”.

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